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‘He’s Over It’: Joseline Hernandez’s Boo Leaves Fans In Stitches With His ‘Annoyed’ Look

Joseline Hernandez‘s boyfriend DJ Ballistic Beats appears to be gaining the like of her followers.

The couple have apparently been dating for a few months now and have been posting photos and videos of each other on a constant basis. The former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star especially can’t stop boasting about their love on social media.

She took to her Instagram feed Sunday evening and uploaded a 10-second clip of herself and her beau posing together for a selfie. They were apparently on their way to the movies for Father’s Day, and Hernandez apparently wanted to get a snapshot of their drippy attire.

“👅💋😬😜☺️ Movie night!” she wrote in her caption. “Hope everyone is enjoying Father’s Day ❤️❤️❤️.”

Joseline Hernandez
Joseline Hernandez and DJ Ballistics Beats. @joseline/Instagram

In the clip, the reality star appears to be flossing for the ‘Gram while her boo sort of looked around, scratched his head and seemingly appeared to be ready to leave.

Fans took notice of his apparent “fed up” with Hernandez’s “selfies” facial expression and were in stitches in Hernandez’s comments.

“🤣🤣 look like he’s tired of the ‘show’ men are never with that selfie s–t 😂.”

“He sick of this s–t everyday all day. Selfie selfie ….an selfish selfish. Get used to it bruh 😂😂.”

“He lookin like you finish or you done he look annoyed for a picture😂 🤣.”

“Y u stressing him??? 🤣🤣 He justs wanna go man 😭 he mad funny standing there like that.”

Hernandez and Ballistic Beats publicly announced their relationship in April with a photo of each other cuddled up. The reality star wrote in the caption “He knows i love him.” She also referred to him as her husband and her daughter’s “stepdaddy.” It’s unclear how long Hernandez and her new boo have been dating, but the couple seem to be happy together.

Although a gang of fans are rooting for the couple to make their relationship work, others previously have seemed to be on the fence about DJ Ballistic Beats, claiming that his body language gives off possessive vibes.

“He seems like he’s possessive af! look at his arms around her neck, i don’t trust him 🤷.”

“Her man look crazy 😱😱I’m telling you, the man has a temper 🗣.”
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