‘What Is She Teaching Her?’: Masika Kalysha’s ‘Mood’ Video of Daughter Khari Barbie Backfires When Fans Criticize Her Parenting

Masika Kalysha is catching some major heat from social media users over her recent post on Instagram. The “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta,” reality star posted a video of her daughter Khari Barbie Maxwell with rapper Fetty Wap on Instagram two days ago.

“It’s so cute” 😂 Mood on KB 🐇 Bank from @tiffanyandco I love her whole life 😂,” Kalysha wrote for her caption. The 3-year-old can be seen stacking money stating, “I like this money,” and “It’s so cute.” While Kalysha thought her daughter’s statements were adorable, many social media users weren’t feeling the video at all and began criticizing Kalysha’s parenting skills.

Masika Kalysha/ Instagram

“Girl you are so shallow, you want everyone to think you are rich 😭,” one user wrote.

“Soooo what is she teaching her to keep cash in stacks not put on bank. I swear people will put their kids in stupid situations,” another user wrote.

One man even suggested that Kalysha was teaching her daughter depravity. “This “mother” is truly immoral and morally bankrupt that flaunts her temporary “riches,” but she’s impoverished of the heart and soul, that money can’t heal nor fix. I feel sorry for her. Sigh,” he said.

One user joked that the money was Fetty Wap’s “child support.”

While some felt strongly about Kalysha’s post of her daughter flaunting stacks of money, the reality star did help her daughter put a bill into her piggy bank, and some fans thought the video was lighthearted and cute.

“I love @masikakalysha relationship with Khari B 🥰🥰🥰. Say what ya want about Sika, but she loves on that baby,” one fan wrote.

“Your such an awesome mom ❤️❤️❤️,” another fan wrote.

“Yep teaching her to save is the key 🔑 hunny.”

Another fan came to Kalysha’s defense, commenting, “The money is in the bank. Stop hating dang. She is so precious and adorable.”

While the mother of the toddler received criticism for her daughter playing with money in the video, Kalysha has posted videos of her daughter in the past that fans have complimented her on. She posted a video of Khari on May 22 of the child doing Kalysha’s makeup. “Beat by @KhariBarbie I’m wearing #Barbie by @kharibarbiebeauty go over to @kharibarbiebeauty to catch the sale!

“available now at KhariBarbieBeauty.com 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂,” the caption read.

The video seemed to receive way better feedback from the public than her recent post.

“Khari booked and busy,” one fan wrote.

“😂😂😍 Too cute !!!!”

While the feelings about Kalysha’s parenting skills seem to be 50/50, the reality star and singer still goes about posting her daughter and what she wants on her timeline despite people’s opinions.

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