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Fans Clown The Game for ‘Weak’ Clap Back at Fan Who Didn’t Like His Photo

The Game recently responded to someone on Instagram who dissed one of his throwback photos.

On Sunday, the Compton raised-rapper shared a picture of himself as a child and let it be known that he was a pretty big deal with the girls. He also said nothing has changed for him as an adult, except today he’s a hit with women all around the world.

@losangelesconfidential Instagram

“Man, little game used to have girls from 2 schools away fighting each other over him. Big game got em fightin 2 countries away 🤷🏾‍♂️ #5thGrade,” he captioned the photo.

Then in the comments someone wrote the word “Delete,” and The Game brought up the outfit that’s seen in that person’s profile picture.

“Says the n—a in the plastic puffy coat and gas station glasses with the car wash towel in the background,” wrote the rapper.

Afterward, it didn’t take long for people to weigh in, and some said the 39-year-old’s response was perfect, while others stated the opposite.

“The Game will always be a savage lol,” someone wrote.

“The Games clap backs are weak and immature. Yall be swearing hes funny when he aint,” another person chimed in.

“Clap back was weak,” a third person wrote.

Meanwhile, on Monday, the “How We Do” rapper shared a photo of Nipsey Hussle, who was shot and killed on March 31 in front of his clothing store in Los Angeles.

The Game promised to post a photo of Hussle every day after he passed but later decided to stop because he didn’t want to upset the late rapper’s loved ones.

“I woke up today with a bunch of mixed emotions as sometimes we as humans do,” he wrote in a May 16 Instagram post. “My 1st thought was to find another inspiring picture of Nip & post it because I know there are thousands, maybe millions of you who use it & the messages below it as daily motivation.

“Then I thought, for his wife & family most of who follow me, might be saddened by the constant reminders not just on my page but everywhere they look online & on social media making it harder for them to find peace,” he added.

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