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‘That’s a Reach’: Tami Roman’s Youthful Looks Called Into Question Once This Actress Says She Looks Like a Pre-Teen

Tami Roman’s smiley new pic has won lots of praise from her followers — especially from actress Elise Neal.

Roman graced followers with a photo of herself posing in a slip dress and her studded heels kicked off in front of her.

“Stop waiting for the weekend… be happy TODAY 💋@fashionnova,” she captioned the June 12 image she shared on Instagram.

tami roman
(Photo: @tamiroman/Instagram)

Instantly, fans raved, with several remarking about how youthful the 49-year-old “Basketball Wives” star appeared.

“You’re looking younger and prettier everyday. Live Your LIfe Tammy.”

“@tamiroman This photo is so gorgeous … you look beautiful and happy!”

“WTF 😍 I thought this was your youngest lyric 😍😍😍 .”

“Damn girl forget the wine, you aging like a good ol whiskey, whateva you R doing, keep doing it! I love it when you can still recognize a sister from back in the day! I am so grateful that you did not start plucking, cutting & stuffing yourself with fantasy ingredients! You got some good genes….have you ever done a 23 & me?, because i know you must be related to an African Queen. God Bless your Journey!”

“My goodness Tami!! You are absolutely stunning!! Keep serving them softly!! #NATURALBEAUTY.”

And according to Neal, Roman is aging so well that she doesn’t seem to have even hit her teenage years.

“Why do u look 12 in this pic!!😍😍” the “Logan” star commented.

tami roman

Yet those who responded to the star thought her remark went overboard.

“@eliseneal that’s a reach. Lol. She def looks younnger. But 12?!”

“@eliseneal come on elise but tami is pretty…to me even on bonnetchronicles with that bonnet & no make up ….her sense of humor helps make my day because she’s hilarious😊😊😁.”

Then, Elise stepped in to explain herself.

“@katheryn910 ** she ie is beautiful always! And yes to me in this she is giving youngster cuteness! ❤️,” the star replied.

Regardless of whether or not Roman resembles her age, her newest pic is certainly a much more typical Tami Roman look than another one she recently had.

Channeling her rap alter ego Tatiana Trill, many fans quickly compared the blond-haired, scantily clad look to rapper Nicki Minaj.

“I legit thought this was Nicki Minaj,” one fan wrote.

“Pretty sure she’s doing something for Nicki.”

“Thought this was Nicki I looked to quick lol.”

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