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‘Why Ask Then Get Mad?’: Fans Slam K. Michelle for Question-and-Answer Post Gone Wrong

K. Michelle fell under fire this week for her cutting response to a fan who accused her of being “mean.”

The “Crazy Like Me” singer is known for her seemingly volatile temperament and epic comebacks, but folks sometimes feel her explosive outbursts are completely uncalled for.

K. Michelle
K. Michelle. (Photo: k.michellemusic/Instagram)

K. Michelle took to Instagram Monday evening and uploaded a post asking fans whether or not they thought she was “mean.”

“Serious Question 🀦 Am I Mean?” her now-deleted post read. She added in her caption, “I’ve been like this all my life. I don’t bother anybody FIRST, we know this now. So why y ‘all think I’m so mean?”

It’s unclear what prompted the singer to ask the question, but one thing is for sure, she clearly wasn’t ready for the responses.

One fan in particular answered K.’s question, commenting, “Yes Yes You Are So Mean and Extra.”

Obviously offended and unpleased with the fan’s response, the “Mindful” artist fired back, “Well I went to your page and you could stand to be a bit more extra. … You need a extra pack to that dry store bought packaged hair.”

K. Michelle
K. Michelle goes off on a fan who calls her mean. @kmichellemusic/Instagram

She continued throwing more jabs at the fan, urging the person to “go moisturize.”

“Was that being mean or just honest! I was being Extra honest. Now go moisturize ❀. Love ya.”

K. Michelle’s acerbic response to her Instagram follower apparently didn’t sit too well with others who scolded her remarks.

“Why ask then get mad? She’s just miserable. πŸ’.”

“I’m beginning to think K.Michelle enjoys being mean πŸ™„. She know she is..and she’s never going to change.”

“That response was uncalled for. She didn’t disrespect her. Just answered in the simplest form. She asked for feedback on an open forum, received it respect, & still got offended. Why K.? smh πŸ€”πŸ™ˆ.”

“This is why her career is flopping because of her rude ass attitude don’t ask if u don’t want the answer! 🀷”

Some observers believe K. Michelle’s strong personality has kept her from advancing to certain heights in music career. The artist herself even admitted on V-103’s Big Tigger show that folks tend to overlook her multi-talents due to her fiery attitude, conceding that she does have diarrhea of the mouth and her blunt personality can get her in trouble.

Despite the backlash she’s faced, a mass of fans still continue to support her.

“At least she trying to improve a smidget!!! When God working on you, you can only be you!!πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ.”

“I’m a huge k. michelle fan and she’s just honest! ppl look at it as rude but she’s not. She’s just herself!”

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