‘Take it Back’: Masika Kalysha’s ‘Nipple Test’ Sends Fans into a Tizzy

Reality star Masika Kalysha hit a nerve with fans this week over what many considered to be “unclassy” attire.

The “Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta” star took to Instagram to show off a colorful, curve-hugging striped body suit that she copped from popular online retailer Fashion Nova. The outfit’s main feature was its plunging neckline, which left Masika’s “twins” nearly exposed.

Masika Kalysha

Masika Kalysha made sure her boobs were tucked away and secure before heading out to what she called a “classy establishment.” (@masikakalysha/Instagram video screenshot)

“Before I go out to a classy establishment I have to do the @fashionnova nipple test 😂,” she captioned the video post.

The aspiring singer bounced and twirled in her bathroom as Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy” played in the background. At one point, she lifts her arms high above her head but quickly readjusts her top after one of her nipples nearly pops out.

She pulls the fabric tightly over her boobs twice more — making sure they’re secure this time — before going back to jumping and dancing around her bathroom, even twerking a little for the camera.

Masika was clearly infatuated with the look. Fans, however, were less than impressed and wasted no time letting her know her fashions were far from classy.

“A classy establishment in that? 😂 right,” one person commented.

“Don’t wear it if u have to do all that,” another chimed in. “And ‘classy’, I think that’s the wrong fit for the word 🤷”

One user opined that “The days of modesty are far and few🙄”

Another fan put it plainly: “This outfit isn’t nice whatsoever. Take it back.”

Not everyone took issue with Masika’s “high-class” look, as there were plenty of fans who applauded her and admitted to doing the very same “nipple test” before heading out for a night on the town.

“This is definitely me before I go to the club 🤣🤣♊️💯,” one fan wrote.

“Lmao girls definitely do this !!! @masikakalysha you telling our secrets boo 😂😂😍😘,” wrote another.

“U look gorgeous!” another chimed in. “Just glue or tape those bad girls down 🤗have fun young lady 💜💜”

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