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‘She’s Not Happy’: Joseline Hernandez’s Photo of Bonnie Bella Goes Left After Fans Claim She Never Smiles

Social media apparently has a bone to pick with Joseline Hernandez about her parenting efforts.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” celeb posted a photo of her 2-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella to her Instagram page Monday afternoon, which sparked a massive debate about the child’s happiness.

Hernandez and her toddler celebrated her 4-year-old niece’s birthday earlier this week and arrived to the Little Mermaid-themed event seemingly in good spirits. The reality star snapped a picture of her daughter at the event and wrote in her caption “What a day!!! #funday.”

Joseline Hernandez
Joseline Hernandez’s photo of her 2-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella. @joseline/Instagram

The 2-year-old appeared to be tired in the photo and posed for the camera with somewhat of a solemn look on her face. Fans pointed out her facial expression and claimed baby Bella looked sad.

“Aww what wrong buttercup❤️ she looks so sad.”

“She doesn’t look happy!!! She never smiles.”

“Poor baby don’t look happy at all. Sweet Sweet bella I hope she starts smiling more.”

“Please allow this precious child to spend time with her own Father 🤷. Sad. !@Joseline don’t punish this innocent child.”

Fans of Hernandez jumped to her defense and denounced critics’ remarks.

“Everybody has different personalities maybe she just doesn’t smile alot that don’t mean she’s not happy!!! Ya’ll reaching hard 🙄.”

“She smiles, ya’ll talk about her teeth, she doesn’t smile ya’ll complain she needs to smile more 🤦🏽. Let the little girl live!!”

Music producer Stevie J. apparently doesn’t feel his and Hernandez’s daughter is safe in her care.

Stevie J.
Bonnie Bella Hernandez and Stevie J. (Photo: @hitmansteviej_1/ Instagram)

Earlier last week, amid reportedly filing in court for full custody of the 2-year-old, the “Damn Near Crazy” hit-maker claimed he feared for his daughter’s well-being while she’s in the care of Hernandez and asked the judge to appoint a “guardian ad litem,” various outlets reported. The reason why he fears for his daughter’s safety is unknown.

His request for full custody follows a week after he claimed Hernandez was purposely keeping him away from their daughter.

“We on our way back to Atlanta,” he said in a now expired Instagram story. “We came to Miami to pick up somebody, but somebody had a long night of something and don’t want to meet us.”

He continued, “This is the fifth time we’ve been here to pick up you-know-who, but we can’t get her. So I was trying to avoid the unnecessary, but the necessary has to occur.”

Hernandez has yet to address the reported new custody filing, and the judge has yet to rule on Stevie J.’s request.

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