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‘Sorry She Looks Like Her Dad’: Kenya Moore’s Baby Filter Fails to Convince Fans She Looks Like Daughter

Kenya Moore wants fans to decide if a viral Snapchat filter makes her resemble her daughter and the consensus doesn’t look to be in her favor.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star on Thursday uploaded a video using a selfie filter that makes the user look like a baby with the addition of chubby cheeks and bigger eyes. There’s also a rattle in the corner of the screen.

“I know you guys can see it, but I’m not gonna say,” Moore begins in the clip. “Who do I look like?”

In an apparent further attempt to drive home her point, she wrote in the caption, “Who do I look like? LOL👶🏽❤️”. She tagged daughter Brooklyn Daly in it, too.

Moore accompanied the brief clip with a series of photos of her 6-month-old, whom she shares with husband Marc Daly.

However, the video and the ensuing photos did not sway fans into believing Moore bares any resemblance to her mom.

“Sorry she looks like her dad.”

“I’m So Sorry Luv You…But She Is Her Father Twin😍”

“That beautiful baby is purely her daddy sorry but mommy is gorgeous too.”

“Kenya we love you but daddy got this one she’s her father twin, Hopefully she get all that lovely hair.”

Still, some fans noticed that Brooklyn does share some similarities with Moore’s appearance.

“You looking like your baby but grown.. but to me her baby resembles both. She definitely has Kenya eyes.”

“Definitely a good mix of Kenya and Marc….the finer features of the both of them….Kenya and Marc did good! God couldn’t have blessed you all with a better baby….I say a video of Brooklyn trying to turn over….amazing watching her determination like her parents#brooklynmix#marc#kenya.”

“You guys made a beautiful baby.She looks like the both of you❤️❤️”

Whether or not Brooklyn is her dad’s twin or her mother’s, there’s no denying the bond Moore shares with her little one. The two have flown all over together — from the Caribbean for Moore’s 48th birthday in January to many flights to New York, where Daly owns a restaurant. Brooklyn is never far from her mama’s side.

That remained true as Moore made the press rounds earlier this month to promote Kenya Moore Hair Care. During a stop on “Access,” the “RHOA” alum gushed about her baby.

“She’s such a happy baby,” Moore said. “She loves to smile.”

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Who do I look like? LOL @thebrooklyndaly 👶🏽❤️

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