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‘You Better Strut’: Porsha Williams ‘Stallion Trot’ Distracts Fans from Mom’s Extravagant Gift When She Gallivants Across Her Bedroom

A selfless act Porsha Williams made for her mom turned into one that saw all the attention turn to the reality star instead.

Williams on Wednesday uploaded a video of herself gifting her mother with a bouquet of nearly two dozen roses that incorporated an extra-special present. The arrangement included baby’s breath and had $100 bills wrapped around each individual rosebud.

“🎉👑Mother’s Day everyday love you so much mommy ! #JustBecause #ThankYou @msdianeofficial Thanks @misslaurenw for taking time to wrap these 20 roses twice for me with hundreds. She had to do it twice because mommy normally doesn’t have on makeup while helping take care of PJ … so we finally had to trick her and say we were doing a video for her new ig page😂😂📸” Williams explained in the caption.

The video saw Ms. Diane marveling over the generous gift.

“What’s all that?” Williams’ mother exclaims. “That is so special! And so unique! I like that!”

However, the floral arrangement and its accompanying $2,000 quickly took a back seat once fans focused their attention on the way “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star walked around to grab the bouquet in the first place.

“Come on porsha with that stanky walk❤️.”

“You better strut, porsha 🤣🤣”

“Man U have the funkiest walk!!!!! Lmao 🤣❤️”

“Porsha and the ghetto girl walk 😂😂❤️”

“Porsha and that stallion trot! Lol.”

And it wasn’t just the “RHOA” star’s stride that had fans talking. They also remarked about how having baby Pilar Jhena’, who was resting in her electronic baby rocker, has been kind on Williams’ figure.

“Porsha Buns 😩😫😩 were so distracting. The baby did that body good ❤️❤️❤️😩😍”

“Porsha, Pilar didn’t put any harm on that body!! You looking good guh!!”

“you look great Porsha!”

The star’s good looks can likely be credited to her mom, as the 61-year-old virtually does not age.

When Williams wished her mom a happy birthday this past January, fans were stunned to learn that Ms. Diane has spent more than six decades on the planet.

“@porsha4real Birthday to you mother she looks amazing 61, wow. Love this picture.”

“Honey your mother does not look her age AT ALL 😍 black don’t crack child. Happy birthday momma Diane you look amazing my love.”

“That mom is beautiful at her age, bless birthday 🎂.”

But that doesn’t mean Ms. Diane is opposed to getting some professional help to keep her figure right. New to Instagram, the famous mama recently showed off her results from Dr. Andrew Jimerson, also known as Dr. Curves, who specializes in butt reshaping and breast augmentation.

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