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Candace Owens Immediately Slammed After Claiming It’s a ‘Fact’ That Rep. Maxine Waters Has ‘a Low IQ’

Candace Owen

Right-wing gadfly Candace Owens reiterated Donald Trump’s claim that Rep. Maxine Waters is an ‘”extraordinarily low-IQ person” during a debate with Dr. Cornel West. (Fox News/video screenshot)

Conservative provocateur Candace Owens, who recently resigned under fire from right-wing activist group Turning Point USA, took aim at Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) this week, arguing it was factually correct that the congresswoman isn’t all that intelligent.

“She has a low IQ, that’s a fact,” Owens charged during a Fox News debate with Harvard philosophy professor and activist Dr. Cornel West. “If she were to take an IQ exam, you find out that Maxine Waters has a very low IQ.”

Owens, whose departure from Turning Point USA came after weeks of calls for her to go because of comments in which some said she seemed to praise Adolf Hitler, acknowledged that her remarks about Waters weren’t the nicest, “but it is true.”

“And I will push that challenge,” she added.

Owens’ comments came during a Thursday appearance on “The Ingraham Angle,” as she and West discussed whether Donald Trump‘s policies have been beneficial to the African-American community. West, 65, a Professor Emeritus at Princeton University, credited the president for shrinking the Black employment rate, but argued there were several underlying issues — including Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric — that needed addressing.

“I think the statistics certainly look good through a narrow lens,” he began. “But I think the problem though, my dear sister, is that the president has a language that creates an atmosphere that is so xenophobic against Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims.”

West said because Trump rarely sees the humanity in minorities, “many Black folk wouldn’t even be able to connect the statistics that look so good with the language, the atmosphere that feels so bad.”

Owens begged to differ and argued that Black folks are doing “tremendous” under the Trump presidency. West later circled back to Trump’s incendiary remarks toward Blacks, specifically congresswoman Waters, whom Trump’s had public spats with in the past.

In one of his many Twitter rants last year, the president wrote that the California Democrat was “an extraordinarily low IQ person.”

“When you call my dear sister Maxine Water’s ‘low IQ’, that’s just vicious,” West said Thursday, arguing that the 15-term congresswoman is a “brilliant human being.”

Owens, a vocal supporter of the president, sided with his characterization of Waters and maintained that she was likely of low intelligence. Her remarks didn’t sit well with social media critics, however, who slammed Owens for being “arrogant and cruel.”

“Candace Owens has made it very clear throughout her career, that she doesn’t understand what the word ‘fact’ means,” one Twitter user said.

“And right after she made that ridiculous statement, she qualified it, and made it more ridiculous by saying IF she took an IQ test . . . Absolutely ridiculous,” another chimed in.

One critic called the remark laughable, writing: “Candace calling ANYONE other than herself low IQ is comedy gold!

“There is no way this woman knows what Maxine Waters’ IQ is and I’d put her up against [Donald Trump] any day of the week,” another critic wrote. “Maxine is 80 years old and is still able to conduct committees as the chair. She can put together articulate, factual statements, djt can’t.”

Watch more in the clip below.

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