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‘There’s More to the Story’: Kevin Hart Jokingly Blames This for Falling at Trainer’s Wedding

Usually Kevin Hart tells the jokes, but on Sunday at his fitness trainer Ron Everline’s wedding he was the joke.

During the reception, Hart got in the middle of a dance circle to showcase a few of his moves, and everything started out fine even though it was raining.

But all of a sudden the “Jumanji” actor slipped on the wet floor and landed on the backside of his gray slacks. He posted a clip of the spill to his Instagram page later that night.

“I figured that y’all should see it here first,” Hart captioned the video. “Dancing in the rain is never good. I blame @therealtank for doing this dumb ass sh–…f–k u and R&B….My hip is killing me. The entire crowd yelled out “OH NOOOOO” “Kevin Hart Just bust his ass” ….I didn’t no what to do so I faked an injury….jokes on y’all bitches because I ain’t hurt. Ha.”

The clip has already been viewed over 10 million times.

Then on Monday, Hart gave a little insight into why he fell, and he blamed it on what he says were his Ferragamo shoes splitting apart at the sole. It’s something he said on video with his wife Eniko Parrish right next to him.

“I took a spill at the reception, and the world thinks that my fall was funny, which it was but I just want to let you guys know there’s more to the story that you don’t know” he said. “I didn’t fall just because. I want y’all to look at the back of my damn shoe.”

Hart then pulled out the damaged shoes and showed the back of the sole was detached from the bottom of the shoe on both.

“What in the f–k is this?” he asked. “That’s why I went down. I’m the product of defective shoes. You just don’t fall like that on your own.”

Parrish eventually chimed in and said the shoes aren’t to blame, the wet floor is. She also claimed the damage to Hart’s shoes happened after the spill.

But the comedian disagreed and said he was sending the shoes back to where they came from. “Now, Ferragamo, I’ve been wearing y’all shoes for a long time. You make amazing shoes, but these are going back.”

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