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Did ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Tami Roman Throw Another Dig at Cast Mate Evelyn Lozada with this Cryptic Message?

It seems the OGs of “Basketball Wives” Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada can never get on the same page. Since the franchise started in 2010, Lozada and Roman’s friendship has run hot and cold.

Now, the two ladies are once again duking it out online. Roman took to Instagram to seemingly send a backhanded message to her frenemy. The reality star captioned the photo of herself in a shimmery black blazer and black ankle boots “People will have your name in everything but a prayer.”

Fans quickly suspected the comment was directed at Lozada.

“She wants everything you have🔥”

“And that’s why there miserable! You look beautiful ❤️😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥”

“Facts & that’s why you’ll forever be blessed! 💕”

So what does the new beef between Lozada and Roman stem from? Lozada took shots at an unnamed cast mate for commenting on a photo posted on her former baseball star ex Carl Crawford’s Instagram page. Roman then revealed that she was the one Lozada was referring to and explained she was only showing support to hip-hop’s new sensation Megan Thee Stallion, who was the highlight of Crawford’s post.

Crawford, who now serves as Megan’s manager, made an Instagram post to celebrate her new album “Fever.” Roman showed love to Megan by commenting on Crawford’s post with the  “sign of the horns” hand emoji, which Lozada wasn’t too fond of.

This started a firestorm between the two ladies as Lozada hit back: “You avoided me all season because you didn’t want me to EXPOSE all of your lies, but you have the nerve to be on my son’s father’s page.”

Roman, being the feisty diva she is, replied, “At me next time, Evelyn. For clarity, I avoided you because you’re toxic. Secondly, I liked something that came up on my explorer page of Meg the Stallion, who I support because she’s from H-Town. Thirst is you lurking on your ex’s page reading comments. He’s moved on so should you… Finally, I will support whoever the hell I want Bird brain; it’s called Instagram people put sh*t up for others to engage.”

Lozada went further by accusing Roman about faking a miscarriage, a heart attack, and having diabetes. Their beef is expected to play out in the upcoming season of “Basketball Wives” that kicks off June 19.

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