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‘We Know You Rolled This Morning’: Joseline Hernandez’s Latest IG Post Has Fans Confused

Joseline Hernandez’s dazed looks recently left fans with a few questions.

The former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star recently showed off her date night looks in a post when fans noticed she apparently looked a little lit. She took to her Instagram feed on Saturday with a video of herself flaunting her makeup, fashion. She appeared to be cruising in her boyfriend, DJ Ballistics’ car while listening to his remixed version of Marvin Gaye’s “I Want You.”

“Produced by. @jaredballisticbeatsand @iamcjofficial,” she added her caption.

Joseline Hernandez
Joseline Hernandez @joseline/Instagram

In the clip, Hernandez stared into her camera phone seemingly like a deer in headlights while twirling her hair.

Fans fawned over the star’s vibrant looked.


“Loving your makeup lately. Love when u have that pretty natural look.”

“You look amazing chica 🤑💚💚💚🤑.”

Meanwhile others focused on her blurred looks.

“She be havin that dazed high look. Neck all loose 😂.”

“Sis look high af.”

“We know you rolled this morning mama where Joseline be looking at? 😂🥰.”

Joseline Hernandez
Joseline Hernandez. @joseline, @alphafemalemagazine, alphamagazines/Instagram

A few years, Hernandez said she eliminated drugs out of her life once she became pregnant with her now 2-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella. She however never specified exactly what substances she indulged in.

“When I was pregnant for 37 weeks, that’s a place of stillness; no drugs, no alcohol, no nothing,” she told the Breakfast Club in 2017 during an interview, saying that pregnancy changed her for the better.

“The yoga what I practiced. Pregnancy taught me how more greater I can become. Motherhood changes you, its like everything is so clear.”

Hernandez and her 2-year-old recently graced the cover of Alpha Female Magazine for its special Mother’s Day edition. The celeb reflected on what being a mother has taught her.

“Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed.”

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