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Mo’Nique Says She Won’t Celebrate Steve Harvey and Lee Daniels Losing Their Jobs: ‘That’s Not What We Do’

Mo’Nique has no desire to be vindictive, according to what she had to say this week on “Open Marriage,” the podcast she hosts with her husband Sidney Hicks.

On it, she talked about Steve Harvey‘s daytime talk show “Steve” being canceled and the comedian being replaced on the kids variety show “Little Big Shots” by Melissa McCarthy.

And earlier this week, it was revealed that Daniels’ show “Empire” will be ending after its upcoming sixth season, and Mo’Nique has been on the outs with both men.

Her beef with Daniels has to do with the 2009 film “Precious,” which she starred in and Daniels directed.

Mo’Nique won an Oscar for her performance in the movie, but it was said she refused to promote it overseas and became difficult to work with. Mo’Nique also fell out with Oprah Winfrey as well as Tyler Perry and said she’d been blackballed from Hollywood.

Then, earlier this year, the Baltimore native went on “Steve” and told Harvey that she was hurt that he didn’t back her when she went up against Daniels and the others.

They also discussed Mo’Nique’s call for a boycott of Netflix in 2018 after she accused the streaming company of low-balling her in negotiations for a comedy special. Harvey said he didn’t agree with the boycott, and the two had a heated debate about it.

So after news surfaced that “Steve” was canceled and “Little Big Shots” named a new host, people made memes and tagged Mo’Nique, as if to say she’s now victorious in the beef.

And people made similar memes about Daniels and “Empire” not returning after its next season, but the “Almost Christmas” star said she wasn’t going to celebrate another person’s misfortune.

“We do not celebrate someone else’s demise. We do not stand and applaud and say, ‘Yeah, that’s what you get,'” she explained. “That’s not what we’re coming from, that’s not what we do. Steve Harvey, I’ve considered him my friend, and as my friend it wasn’t to put my friend down, it was to say this is what it is.”

“When it comes to brother Lee Daniels, don’t celebrate him getting those shows canceled,” Mo’Nique added. “You can’t celebrate Lee Daniels getting canceled because so many other people lose those jobs. If we continue to do that, we’ll continue to be treated the way that we’re treated.”

“See NOW, this is why I LOVE & RESPECT U SO MUCH MO; I love how you took the high road on this matter and showed him MORE RESPECT & LOVE then he could NEVER show you,” someone wrote on YouTube after the podcast was uploaded.

“No negativity what so ever and believe me that’s hard to do in this world,” another person wrote.

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