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‘Facts’: La La Anthony Suggests We Will See Carmelo Anthony Back in the NBA

If you follow Carmelo Anthony‘s social media pages, you’ll see that a lot of folks ask him if he’ll return to the NBA, which is something his wife La La Anthony recently answered.

The 6-foot-8 forward hasn’t been on a professional team since 2018, when he only played 10 games for the Houston Rockets before he was traded to the Chicago Bulls, who never planned to play him. The Bulls ultimately would waive Anthony shortly before the February trade deadline, making him a free agent.

Prior to that, Anthony played for the Oklahoma City Thunder, where he, Russell Westbrook and Paul George were supposed to do wonderful things for the franchise. But it didn’t work out that way, and Anthony was traded after one season.

Some of the experts have said that Anthony’s style of one-on-one isolation play is outdated in today’s fast-paced game, where teams rely on multiple individuals to win games.

Plus, for quite some time, the former New York Knick was reluctant to come off the bench and reportedly gave coaches resistance when asked to do so.

“I’m not sacrificing no bench role, so that’s out of the question,” Anthony once told reporters when he played for the Thunder. “I think everybody knows that I’ve sacrificed kind of damn near everything.”

“Family, moving here by myself, sacrificed my game for the sake of the team and was willing to sacrifice anything and everything in order for this situation to work out,” he added. “So it’s something I really have to think about, finish out my career as this type of player, knowing that I have so much left in the tank and I bring so much to the game of basketball.”

TMZ posted an interview with La La Anthony on Sunday, and based on her comments, she has no doubt her husband will be back in the NBA.

“Are we gonna see Carmelo back in the NBA next season?” a reporter asked.

“Why wouldn’t we?” she answered. “Facts.”

The “Power” actress was then asked what team she would want her husband to play for. “Whatever team is gonna appreciate him,” she responded.

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