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‘Don’t Come for a Queen!’: Ayesha Curry Effortlessly Claps Back at Troll Who Told Her to ‘Stay in the Kitchen’

Ayesha Curry has proved she’s not afraid to defend herself against detractors, and she didn’t shy away from doing so online recently.

The real-life basketball wife and chef on Monday uploaded a video in paid promotion with Spotify. In it, Curry is seen whipping up a meal in the kitchen listening to playlists on the streaming service as she describes what kinds of songs get her motivated to work.

“Music helps elevate my everyday moments,” she says in a voiceover. “When I’m cooking, the meal inspires the music. When I’m working, I’m usually listening to more uptempo music so that I can zone in and focus.”

The post largely generated positive responses from fans who shared what kinds of tunes they listen to as they work.

But then, things took a turn once a troll decided to tell Curry, a bestselling author, restaurateur, TV host, entrepreneur, and mother to stick to old-fashioned ways.

“Stay in the kitchen,” the Instagram user remarked.

“@whysotang which one? SF, Houston, Miami or San Diego?” Curry replied.

ayesha curry

Immediately, fans jumped in to back Curry, who is married to Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry .

“@ayeshacurry Hahaha let’s them know!!”

“@whysotang Hahahaha! @ayeshacurry got chuuuuu!!! Don’t come for a queen !!”

“@ayeshacurry You are amazing, people are just made they arent living in their truth. Keep going girl!!”

“@ayeshacurry ooooooooooh yasssssss with the 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 response.
😂😂😂😂😂 The silly billy tried it! 💅🏾.”

“@ayeshacurry I JUST HOLLERED 💀💀💀”

Ayesha’s clapback this time was online, but the star is willing to go toe-to-toe in person, too. She proved that last year when, pregnant and all, she walked right up to a Houston Rockets fan who began bragging about the team’s win over Golden State in May 2018.

“Look at her. She’s all bitter and sour. She’s all bitter and sour. Look at her! She’s being all rude,” the fan said.

Ayesha later went on Twitter and gave her side of the tale.

“The fact that you have the audacity to post this after this man bumped me in my 8-month pregnant belly asking and I quote ‘doesn’t losing feel like getting punched in the gut?’ And continued to follow me and taunt me with his camera is beyond me…but ‘This is America‘ right. 🙏🏽” she said at the time.

The fan later claimed he was referring to the Warriors as a whole with his remark and not Ayesha herself.

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