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‘Don’t Judge’: Tiny Harris Goes Off on Fans Who Call King’s Attitude ‘Ugly’

Singer Tiny Harris isn’t here for any criticism when it comes to her children.

During this week’s episode of “T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle” that aired on Monday evening, Tiny reinforced her momager reputation with her actions toward her 14-year-old son King Harris, and when her tough love apparently was too much for him he became flustered. She chastised her son when he refused to rehearse in front of his siblings Zonnique Pullins and Messiah Harris for his Atlanta show at the time, indicating that he felt pressured to do so. Harris told her son it was all a part of show business, but her stern manner led to a tiff between her and King, causing him to tear up, similar to last week’s episode.

Tiny Harris
Tiny Harris and King Harris. (Photo: @familyhustle, @vh1/Instagram screenshots)

Tiny took to Instagram on Monday night and reposted the emotional episode between her and her son. She wrote in her caption, “My KING @the_next_king10 is a whole hand full. Can’t tell him nothing. 👑❤️🎶 #KingSingleDripOutEverywhere #SupportAYoungHustler.”

Her post received a mixture of reactions:

“@majorgirl you’re an awesome mom, keep guiding your kids on the right path❤️🙏.”

“He is a kid at the end of the day and y’all tearing him down. Y’all have to mindful he has not one but both his parents who’s shadow he is trying to emerge from and do his thing musically. Good Job king 😍.”

One fan in particular criticized Tiny’s son, calling him “spoiled” and accusing him of having an “ugly” attitude.

Well, the 43-year-old singer wasn’t here for any social media trolls attacking her son and went into full mama bear mode.

“His attitude is not ugly he’s just a very passionate person,” she wrote. “My baby has the sweetest & best heart of all my children. He will give u his last dollar, his shirt off his back. So don’t judge.”

Tiny Harris

She added, “just cause he knows what he wants or see for his direction don’t mean he aint’ humble.”

Fans chimed in agreeing with Tiny.

“No explanation necessary Tiny. Your children are blessed and highly favored. Keep them covered in prayer. Kudos to you and your family for raising your gifts from God 😍.”

“That’s right Tiny! They don’t know.”

In March, King performed his new single “Drip” at Kid Trunks’ concert at the Masquerade Underground Atlanta as Tiny and her husband rapper T.I. were in attendance, and she couldn’t have been more proud of their son.

“My baby @the_next_king10 was soooooo lit tonight!! I was so damn proud. I couldn’t stop hollering & still can’t stop smiling.”

Check out this week’s episode below:

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