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‘You Ain’t Put In the Work’: Fans Side with T.I. After His Explosive Confrontation with Son King, Who Insists on Home-Schooling

The season premiere of “T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle” is practically the talk of social media.

Rapper T.I. and his wife Tiny Harris brought their family dynamic back to the big screen for a second season and viewers got chance to see the personal curveballs they deal with amongst themselves and their loved ones.

One of the most talked about scenes so far has been T.I.’s heated confrontation with his 14-year-old son King Harris. The teen told his mother Tiny that he felt she and his father were standing in the way of his pursuing his music career. He also brought up the idea of home-schooling to his parents, saying that non-home-schooling “sucks.”

T.I. and son King Harris. (@vh1 screenshots)

King tried to persuade his parents on being home-schooled, saying that it will allow him “to work whenever” he wanted and “get right in the studio.” Tiny said she, too, was home-schooled when she was in music group Xscape as a teen, but T.I. quickly pointed out that she had a record deal and their son is just getting his feet wet in the music industry.

T.I. explained to his son that he hadn’t “put in enough work yet” to apparently set aside school to pursue his music career. The 14-year-old began getting emotional, seemingly feeling like his father wasn’t listening to him, saying, “I need my career to start now because if it don’t … I’ll be rushing to get it later.”

The “No Mediocre” rapper responded back, “You don’t say when it’s time for your career to start. You ain’t put in the work! You are a child!”

Moments later the teen broke into tears, saying that he wants to make a name for himself and step out of his parents’ shadow. Tiny, T.I.’s late sister Precious Harris, and Tiny’s mother Dianne Cottle-Pope try to comfort King, which infuriated T.I. even more.

“Quit babying him, let him go through it!” T.I. yelled.

King tried to explain to his father that he’s “fighting for what” he wants, to which T.I. replied, “Keep fighting, young man! Ain’t gone do nothing but make a man out of you.”

The Atlanta native rapper later explained in his confessional that he felt non-home-schooling was the best option for his 14-year-old son because of the discipline he needed.

“There’s a certain structure and discipline that comes with school that King definitely needs,” he said.

“Family and Friends” viewers agreed that T.I. was doing what’s best for his son.

“T.I. is absolutely right! 💯 In order for one to “get to it” you must go through it And once you go through it one must “grow through it” There’s levels to this there’s no such thing as an over night success🙏🏾!”

“I’m not against homeschooling a child at all but I agree with Tip 💪 about the coddling. His reasons for wanting to be home schooled is so he can do music. So if he was homeschooled, and that gets in the way of his music, then what? Is he going to cry his way out of that too? Nah.”

“I agree with TI he needs structure homeschool not gonna help King at allll he would not take it seriously🤓.”

“👏🏿 thank you TI!!!!!! He has learn how the real world is.”

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