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Russell Wilson Shuts Down the Internet with Mother’s Day Gift to Mom, Makes Sweet Request from Ciara

Russell Wilson treated his mother and wife Ciara to a very special Mother’s Day Sunday, and while a candid moment with the singer generated laughs among fans, the gift the athlete gave his mom had jaws on the floor.

First, Wilson posted a cute clip of him wishing his “Dose” singer a happy Mother’s Day, his message of which had Ciara cracking up.

“Happy Mother’s Day to the prettiest girl in the world, the sweetest thing, most precious, most loving, kind thoughtful,” Wilson says, later inducing laughter in his wife. “That’s what you are. I love you. … So uh, that third baby? You’re such a good mom. You amazing, so, like, I was just tryna see … You know I believe in the number 3, too.”

“Stop!” Ciara says with a laugh before thanking her man, whose Seattle Seahawks jersey number is 3, for his wishes.

“So, for real, though. That baby?” Wilson says.

“Stop, babe,” Ciara responds.

The moment led to laughter from fans.

“🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣This is so cute Ciara cutes.”

“Russ you be trippin 😂”


However, they also made it clear they’re ready for the singer to hit the road in support of her newly released album “Beauty Marks.”

“I’m with you Russ @dangerusswilson but can CSQUAD get a tour first theeeeen you can have a baby lol.”

“Ok but first we need 3 more videos, UK Tour and 1 more album then you guys can start with baby 3.. 👊💖”

“BYE RUSS! We need the tour first! Then you can have at it 😩”

But Ciara wasn’t the only woman in the Seahawks quarterback’s life who had a good Mother’s Day.

Tammy Wilson, the football star’s mother, got the shock of a lifetime when he and Ciara walked her up to her new home.

“What’s this?” Mama Wilson says.

“It’s the key to your house,” her son casually responds. “It’s your house. Open the door!”

“You’re lying! Are you serious?!” she exclaims.

Tammy remained in disbelief as she looked around her, trying to make sense of what she heard. She burst into tears, feeling so elated that her son presented her with such a gift. She eventually walked up the steps to the home and turned the key.

“All these years you have never asked me for anything… only thing you ever wanted is for me to LOVE. Well thanks for loving us the way you do. This ones for you. I love you momma. #HappyMothersDay #GodIsGood 🏡,” the star captioned the video.

The moment had fans in awe.

“Omg my soul just burst!! So much goodness 🥰💖🤩💖”

“So dope. What’s it’s about, man. Congrats to her!”

“Wow how wonderful such a blessing you guys have such a big heart❤️❤️”

“Omg! So amazing ❤️😘”

Wilson has never been shy about professing his love to his wife and mom for Mother’s Day. Ahead of May 12, he sent a video message of himself with daughter Sienna and stepson Future to Ciara while she promoted her new album on “The View” last week. It resulted in a flood of tears from the appreciative singer.

And in 2017, Wilson presented his mom with a bouquet of flowers and a loving letter to his “strong, generous and loving” mother.

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