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‘I Can’t Take It Anymore’: Tamar Braxton Breaks Silence on Backlash Over Not Posting About Niece’s Death

In the week following news that Tamar Braxton’s niece died, the singer is opening up after she was criticized for how she grieved.

Braxton took to Twitter Wednesday, May 8, to post several messages in response to a user who discussed the singer’s reaction to 24-year-old Lauren “LoLo” Braxton’s death, which included Braxton going on Instagram Live saying, “I’ve been MIA because I just cannot bring myself to post about my niece” and “I don’t have time going to the funeral. I’m still drained from that.”

“What I was saying was going to the funeral HOME was a lot! I get that u didn’t hear that part!” Tamar began. “I was honestly distraught and faking as if i was ok. Social media has taken bullying to a whole new level. The funeral didn’t happen a day later. It was today and i went.”

“I’m sure people have heard me say or ANYONE say ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’ that was the context in which I was referring to,” she added in another tweet. “But, i feel, because of how I often look on the Braxton’s, peopletjink im like that for real. I hate that show and HATE what it has become.”

Tamar Braxton

“It’s just been so hard because, not only did we have to lay baby girl to rest today but for all the hate, judging, blogs, to say such hateful things about me all because i did not want to post her to see her on my timeline!! That was my baby! I named her!! Who wants to see that??” Tamar continued.

Tamar Braxton

LoLo was the daughter of Braxton’s brother Michael Braxton Jr. She died on April 29 of complications related to a heart condition, the sole male Braxton sibling told TMZ last week.

Most of Braxton’s siblings posted about LoLo’s passing on Instagram, including Trina Braxton and Towanda Braxton. Toni Braxton made a tweet in LoLo’s memory, while Traci Braxton issued a statement to TMZ.

Yet Tamar remained silent, leading fans to take aim at her. On Twitter Tuesday, Tamar shot back and put the blame for the response on how she’s portrayed on “Braxton Family Values.”

“But i make everything about me?? Right?? So, that means of I post it’s about me.. if I don’t it’s about me.. if I go live to try to explain… it’s about me right???? What’s the point? Say what for WHAT??? So now, ima say WHAT I want HOW i want, WHEN i want.. and THEN WHAT??😂” Tamar said.

Tamar Braxton

“But get my theory.. it’s a show about my family that on EVERY episode I look like a damn hater, a fighter, a s— starter… the Second i say something or not, it’s atomically taken negative. I have NO legs!! It’s a lot. And after baby girls death, i can’t take it anymore.”

Tamar Braxton

In response to Tamar’s candid tweets, fans have now changed their tune and lent their support.

“You’re a strong and beautiful person manifest your mind and don’t give in to the negative. We all need healing in some way! Love you Queen 😘”

“Just do you honey and forget haters, the devil always finds work for idle minds #prayingforyourfamily.”

“We that know YOU… love you soooo much.. you are a strong woman and we love you…. ignore that negativity…rid yourself of any toxic people 😘”

Previously, Braxton got tons of support from friend Kandi Burruss, who demanded people lay off, saying in part, “YOU CAN NOT TELL PEOPLE HOW TO GRIEVE.”

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