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Fans Slam Tamar Braxton as ‘Selfish’ for Feeling Too ‘Drained’ to Attend Niece’s Funeral, Kandi Burruss Steps Up to Defend Her

An admission from Tamar Braxton is drawing tons of criticism from her fans but has her pal Kandi Burruss jumping into the fray in her defense.

Days after the death of her niece, Braxton went to Chicago for the opening show of the Welcome to the Dungeon Tour. Ahead of the performance on May 2, Braxton went on Instagram Live to vent about how she was feeling after 24-year-old Lauren “LoLo” Braxton died. LoLo’s father told TMZ her death, which came after she was found unresponsive in the kitchen, was related to a heart condition.

“I’ve been MIA because I just cannot bring myself to post about my niece,” she says. “I just can’t do it. I am drained … it’s a

“I don’t have time going to the funeral. I’m still drained from that,” she adds later on. “It’s a lot, it’s a lot. But nonetheless. Everything happens in God’s divine order and you’ve got to respect it and praise him anyway.”

Many fans lashed out at Braxton for her admission, deeming her “selfish” in the process.

“Tamar is a hopeless case of a selfish narcissist who will regret it whenever around her turns and go their own way.”

“The funeral Is to pay respect Selfish!!!!”

“Tamar ain’t too drained to run up behind this new man she’s chasing….she will regret not going to her niece’s funeral.”

“She ain’t too drained to respond to every damn thing on social media. So self centered, it’s terrible. Drama queen for real.”

Hearing about the response from fans, Burruss, who headlines the Dungeon Tour, hopped on Instagram Friday to write a lengthy message in defense of the grieving star.

“All the performers in my Dungeon party were amazing but I want to say a special thanks to @tamarbraxton! She was phenomenal!” Burruss began. “Tamar experienced a death in the family this week & I saw a few people have decided to shame her for performing because they feel that she should not be doing anything at this time. YOU CAN NOT TELL PEOPLE HOW TO GRIEVE. Some people need to work or stay active to stop theirselves from falling apart.”

After describing her own experience with barreling down into school work after the death of her brother when she was 15, Burruss went on, “Tamar has been sad but being out here with us has been helping keep her spirits up. So leave her alone! & just be supportive of her & her family during this time. Sometimes death will paralyze you with grief but you gotta figure out how to turn it into fuel to keep living & make the most of the life you have. I love you Tamar! Keep pushing thru the pain. ❤️”

Braxton also defended herself against naysayers. Not long after her live steam, she reposted an Instagram post from multimedia personality Toke Makinwa reading in part, “PSA: Don’t tell people how to heal from something you’ve never been through.”

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