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‘Listen to Ya Mama!’: Fans Side With Toya Wright After Heated Discussion With Daughter Reginae Over Her Boyfriend YFN Lucci

It’s no secret that Toya Wright isn’t a fan of her daughter Reginae Carter‘s boyfriend, rapper YFN Lucci.

In the latest episode of “T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle” Wright voiced her concerns to her 20-year-old daughter about her dysfunctional relationship, but instead the pair end up going back-and-forth.

The mother of two brought up one of Carter and Lucci’s recent social media squabbles where he told the reality actress they “were stuck together.” Wright clearly was alarmed by the rapper’s remarks. She told her daughter Lucci’s comments were a red flag, also seemingly indicating they were a sign of possessiveness.

Toya Wright
Toya Wright (left) and daughter Reginae Carter aren’t seeing eye to eye on Carter’s erstwhile boyfriend YFN Lucci. (Photos: @vh1 screenshot)

“Ya’ll be having this Internet s–t going on, and I don’t be liking that and I be telling you about it, and you don’t be wanting to hear it!” Wright said to her daughter. “That’s not being controlling that’s just being a concerned mom. … I don’t wanna get on the Internet and somebody saying you stuck with me. That was a red flag!”

Carter explained to her mother that she and Lucci had gotten into a heated argument at the time of his comment in early March. She said she was going to break up with him, and that’s when he said, “you stuck with me,” with Carter insisting that Lucci wasn’t really serious.

Reginae Carter
Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci.(@colormenae/Instagram)

Wright wasn’t buying her daughter’s explanation and told viewers via her confessional that she didn’t approve of the rapper’s implications.

Fans agreed with Wright, urging Carter to listen to her mother’s advice.

“Listen to ya mama girl! Don’t act like I’m your property or that I can’t leave if I want to. That makes me think you’d kill me or stalk me or something Mama knows best 💯.”

“Toya is right! 👏🏾👏🏾Yeah, Reginae is young, but sometimes there’s advice that you just CANT ignore, because IRL, this kind of words normally come out of abusive mouth.”

“Sorry but Toya has a point. That is not cute. Domestic violence is real for one. Those type of words can be scary and definitely red flags for a cuckoo puffs dude sorry not sorry. Mama said what she said!”

Other fans felt Wright was overstepping her boundaries.

“She’s right but Reginae is young but she will learn. Toya is doing the most and should’ve took her own advice when she was younger 🤦🏾‍.”

“I get where Toya is coming from but shes over stepping her boundarys as a mom. Reginae has to learn for herself.”

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