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Steve Harvey and Wife Marjorie Puzzled by Divorce Rumors as Comic Briefly Shutters Comments Section

Steve and Marjorie Harvey have caught wind of the latest crop of divorce rumors swirling around them and they decided to poke fun at them with a skit this weekend.

While celebrating the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs Saturday, the spouses of 11 years got Steve’s son Broderick Harvey Jr. in on the joke as he approached them to ask if they’re actually filing for divorce.

“I heard that too,” Steve replies. “You leaving me?”

“We’re getting a divorce?” Marjorie asks her husband.

The couple continued with their confused banter before learning from Broderick that they’re supposedly splitting up “right now.”

“They say we broke too. We ain’t got no money. You gotta take all that back,” Steve adds, referring to his wife’s designer dress she wore to the 145th annual horse racing event. “Y’all got a filter on this where we can change the color where it looks like she ain’t wearing it?”

The clip concluded by Steve reiterating the couple is penniless and Marjorie asks, “Did you spend all that or did I spend all that?”

Steve and Marjorie each shared the clip to their Instagram pages on Friday and Saturday respectively. Initially, however, Steve closed the comments under his video before opening them back up by Sunday.

In response, fans cracked up at the longtime bride and groom’s ability to humorously tackle the newest dose of divorce rumors head-on.

“Love it! That how you clap back without actually clapping back!😂😂😂😂”

“This is hilarious….👏👏”

“That’s how you do it. LOL.”

“That’s Right Let Them believe what the hell they want …The haters gone hate 🤣🤣🤣🤣”

The Harveys’ skit comes the same week a report emerged from Radar Online that alleged the talk show host was readying for his split from Marjorie by selling off two properties in Texas for $2 million. In addition, the website claimed Steve was changing the ownership of another property in the area from his and Marjorie’s name to his alone, although how that could happen without Marjorie’s permission isn’t known.

Radar also reported Marjorie took off on a trip around the globe for a month with Steve’s stepdaughter Lori Harvey. The excursion saw them supposedly visit various locations including Japan and Russia.

“Marjorie would never allow herself to be pushed around. Money talks and her man had better provide. And when the money’s gone — she’s gone, too!” an insider alleged to the publication.

Before the spouses’ head-on approach, it appears they tried to take a more subtle method to prove their union was strong. Marjorie uploaded a video pulling up to their home as her husband greeted her with a kiss.

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