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Stevie J Trashed by Fans After He Posts Pic with ‘Doll’ Daughters Sans Toddler He Shares with Joseline Hernandez

Stevie J recently shared that he’s spending some time with two of his daughters, but the fact that his youngest was missing from the pic had fans heaping on the criticism.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star on Friday dined with wife Faith Evans and his daughters Sadé Jordan, 24, and Eva Giselle Jordan, 9.

“Catching up with my dolls.🖤🖤🖤 #DaJordans,” the producer captioned the image he uploaded May 3.

Stevie J
From left to right: Faith Evans, Stevie J, Eva Giselle and Sadé Jordan. (Photo: @ hitmansteviej_1/Instagram)

While his 20-year-old daughter Savannah Jordan was one of two other daughters missing from the photo, it appears fans were mostly just upset that the daughter Stevie shares with ex-fiancée Joseline Hernandez, Bonnie Bella, wasn’t included.

“Still no Bella.”

“@joseline where is Bonnie Bella 🧐”

“Your missing Bonnie😞 the world seen what kind of father you’re but it’s not looking good right now. Go get your daughter.”

“Wheres bonnie why do u never have her?”

This is only the latest time that fans have scolded Stevie for apparently leaving out Bonnie Bella. In January, Stevie J wished Diddy’s son Justin Combs a happy 25th birthday, but fans said he failed to acknowledge Bonnie’s recent birthday.

Before then, it’d been a while since Stevie was spotted with Bonnie, whom he was ordered to pay $1,000 in monthly child support for last July. However, Hernandez has claimed as recently as fall 2018 that Stevie has not been keeping up with it.

Stevie and Hernandez have had a contentious relationship since their split in 2016. When Bonnie was born, Stevie initially denied he was her father. However, a paternity test determined she was his daughter.

An ensuing custody battle led a judge to grant primary physical custody of Bonnie to Hernandez while she and her ex-fiancé shared joint custody. Stevie was also ordered to pay child support. But according to Hernandez, Stevie hasn’t been paying up.

“You haven’t paid child support in about eight months,” she told Bossip in September 2018. “Everyone knows that my baby daddy denied my daughter. A person that denies a 99.9% bloodline, how dare you believe them!”

In that same interview, Hernandez said Stevie hasn’t been present in Bonnie’s life.

“I gave my daughter my last name because, sadly, the last name she should’ve had by blood wasn’t around to help her,” she said.

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