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Porsha Williams Checks Fans Who Say She Runs the Relationship with Fiancé Dennis McKinley

Porsha Williams has been on a whirlwind press tour in the last week as she makes the rounds to promote her “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” spin-off special “Porsha’s Having a Baby.” And through it all, her fiancé Dennis McKinley has been by her side.

But in a new photo Williams shared to Instagram, McKinley was behind her, and that rubbed a couple of her followers the wrong way.

The “RHOA” star posted a pic of her with her man on Friday, May 3, which saw her posing in a fitted white dress and matching pumps as her man donned a grey suit and posed with this hands clasped.

“PJ’s momma & daddy 🍋🍑 #PeachLemonade @pilarjhena,” Williams captioned the photo.

Porsha Williams
Porsha Williams (left) and Dennis McKinley (right). (Photo: @porsha4real/Instagram)

Many fans applauded the photo.

“A beautiful couple.”

“You guys are adorable. All my best to you and your beautiful baby!”

“Congrats!!! You have been truly blessed with a beautiful family. So happy for you😘”

But others pointed out the positioning of baby Pilar Jhena’s parents, which they found curious.

“but why are you standing in front of Dennis ? what about standing beside him.”

“By @porsha4real standing in front of the picture instead of besides her man seems like she’s the head of the relationship.”

“@tonie52000 naw he’s my back bone … will always have my back❤️🤸🏾‍♀️” Williams replied.

Responding to the latter commenter’s remark, several Williams supporters felt it was a stretch to assume such a thing.

“GIRL WHAT💀💀💀she can tell all that from a picture.”

“Wow. People love to reach.”

“I’m convinced y’all just love reaching.”

Williams and McKinley have been faced with accusations that The Original Hot Dog Factory owner doesn’t lead before. When Williams appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” April 30, she was asked why she doesn’t allow her fiancé to step up and take charge.

“We can lead together, side by side,” Williams begins of her answer. “Dennis does lead, he does.”

Dennis agreed and pointed out “the show shows highlights but she knows what’s up at the house.”

The couple met last year and quickly fell in love. Things moved fast after that, when as soon as the pair decided to get serious Williams wound up pregnant with their first child.

“When we became serious and decided to be in a monogamous relationship, that’s when [I got pregnant],” Williams explained on “WWHL.” “It was rather quick. He just kinda jumped on me.”

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