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Evelyn Lozada Gets Catty in Her Response to Question About Ex Chad Johnson

Evelyn Lozada expressed her excitement about Marc Anthony releasing new music soon by posting a dance-heavy video in a scantily-clad top. And the footage had one fan wondering about what thoughts ran through her ex-husband Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson’s mind when they split years ago.

The “Basketball Wives” star on Monday uploaded a video of herself doing a take on a salsa dance to the Latin pop crooner’s new song as she nearly spilled out of her bodysuit.

“When you find out @marcanthony has a new album coming out! 🙌🏽💃🏽🇵🇷😩 #OPUS #MarcAnthony,” Lozada captioned the post.

But what many fans took notice of was Lozada’s figure rather than her dancing skills.

“Aye Mami….Muy Caliente”

“Damn you really fine tho.”

“Your So fit, I need to get to the gym, what a revenge body!!”

One fan even remarked about what Lozada’s former husband Johnson must have been thinking to let violence end their union.

“What was chad ocho cinco thinking 🤦‍♂️” an Instagram user remarked.

“@ronpalmerr About other cats 🐱🤣 lol,” Lozada remarked humorously.

evelyn lozada

It’s far from the first time that fans have drummed up talk of the reality star’s ex in her comments. Back in February, Lozada uploaded a shot posing with her rapper friend Feby.

As the post had nothing to do with any men or her sexy figure, it seems Lozada felt it was unnecessary for a follower to bring up Ochocinco.

“Where’s ochocinco?” someone asked her at the time.

“@steven_lisacki His page is @ochocinco since you’re so pressed,” Lozada snipped.

Lozada and Ochochinco split up after less than two months of marriage in September 2012. The “Basketball Wives” star filed to end their union that August after a confrontation over condoms she found led Johnson to become violent and head-butt her. Johnson, a former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver, was arrested for domestic violence and charged with battery as a result.

But while things didn’t work out with him, Lozada recently revealed she remains close with Johnson’s 21-year-old daughter Jicyra Johnson, who was 14 when her dad married the star.

“An unbreakable bond ❤️ #MyBaby4Life,” Lozada captioned the image she posted on her Instagram page last week.

Jicrya also shared some love when she posted the same image on her Instagram page. She captioned it, “If you know you know. ❤️ Love you @evelynlozada.”

Still, Lozada has also indicated in recent years she has no ill-will toward her ex-spouse. She even made a claim that shocked many in regards to Ochocinco. Speaking on “The Red Pill Podcast” in 2018, Lozada disclosed that if she were in a life-threatening situation, Johnson would be the person she’d call.

“Chad. And not that I don’t have faith in Carl [Crawford],” she said, acknowledging her retired MLB player ex-fiancé. “Carl would be there, but we’re talking about if my life is on the line.”

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