‘We Were Rooting for You’: ‘LHHATL’ Star Karlie Redd Gains Sympathy of Fans After Having Miscarriage and Calling Off Engagement

Things seemed to be looking up for “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Karlie Redd‘s until disaster struck.

Redd learned during this week’s episode that her fiancé Maurice “Mo” Fayne, had a child with another woman that he failed to tell her about. He claimed to have had sexual relations with the woman prior to meeting Redd and had no idea about the child until months after he proposed to her.

“I have respected you and never cheated on you in no form or fashion,” Fayne told Redd.

He did however confess to his fiancée that he’d given the mother of his child his phone number, but refused to talk with her over the phone. He only communicated with her via text that way Redd supposedly could read all of their discussions.

Karlie Redd
Maurice Mo Fayne and Karlie Redd. @vh1 @loveandhiphop screenshot

Redd apparently wasn’t buying it and was more so upset that her fiancé didn’t tell her about the situation. Not to mention, she lost their child amid their In Vitro Fertilization, where an egg is combined with sperm outside the body process.

She called off the engagement with Fayne, telling him to go be with his ex-girlfriend and their infant son.

Several “LHHATL” fans felt bad for Redd, saying they were cheering her and Fayne on.

“I feel for Karlie man.. We were rooting for you! I love her and her fiance ❤️ he’s a grown man #karlieredd better not let that damn man go 😞. God is testing you sus 🙏 I got the same test and failed. Good luck 👍.”

“Really hate she had this tragedy. Their relationship can work if they truly love each other. He didnt cheat, it was in the past. An outside baby is a doable challenge to overcome. Hopefully they work past this!”

“Karlie don’t deserve this ! She’s a Good Woman, who is dealing with a miscarriage 😞 & ..it’s NOT RIGHT the way he treated this situation !”

Other fans felt Redd acted too quick when ending her engagement with Fayne.

“She pissed me off she didn’t even give him a chance and it seem like he was telling the truth! Hell he’s the only 1 who was really truly looking out for her ass 😖.”

“He really loves her and in his mind he wanted to make sure the child was his before telling her. They can work it out if she apologizes 🤷🏾‍♀️.”

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