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‘Black Ink Crew’: Fans Scold Teddy Ruks for Not Calling Out Ceaser on His ‘Bull—t’: ‘What a Follower’

Black Ink Crew” star Teddy Ruks continues to remain under fire.

Last season, the “Black Ink” manager became one of fans’ least favorite cast members after he and his cousin Ceaser Emanuel jumped tattoo artist Alex Robinson for no apparent reason.

Like Emanuel, Ruks also caught a mass of backlash from fans who felt he was wrong for sucker-punching Robinson out of nowhere, although it was Emanuel who threw the first punch. When he was asked why he assaulted the tattoo artist, he seemingly indicated that he was loyal to a fault when it came to his cousin Emanuel.

Teddy Ruks
Teddy Ruks (left) and Ceaser Emanuel. (Photos: @vh1, @blackinkcrew screenshots)

Fast-forward to season 7, and Ruks is still getting flak for apparently being Emanuel’s “yes man.” On the April 24 explosive episode, it appeared that Ruks was willing to jump into his cousin’s mess once again after Emanuel chased down his former employee Donna Lombardi, in an attempt to confront her about their long-lasting beef.

Many fans felt Ruks should’ve stopped Emanuel from going after Lombardi instead of following him.

Another instance is when Emanuel also came face-to-face with ex-bestie Paul Puma Robinson, whom he’d been beefing with for years. Emanuel went off on Robinson, walking towards the INK 124 owner in a threatening manner. Instead of Ruks calming his cousin down, he was right behind him, seemingly looking ready to pounce on Robinson.

Emanuel and Robinson eventually put their differences aside and quashed their beef, but Robinson was still on the fence about Ruks.

“It was never nothing personal, but I had to choose a side. … That’s big cousin one there, that’s family. I’m going to go with family first on everything,” Ruks said.

“Black Ink” fans felt Ruks was wrong for following his cousin Emanuel into trouble instead of calling him on his apparent wrongs.

“Ted is a yes man…. that’s it 🙄 wrong is wrong, loyalty makes you family not blood.”

“What a follower I don’t care i always call my family on their bulls–t! Teddy needs to do the same for Ceaser.”

“Teddy when you say you had to choose a side?? Did you tell your cousin he was dead wrong???? Since this is family!! Call your cousin out on his nonsense. At some point you’re gonna have to tell him his wrong 💯!”

“Ted wrong he he can ride if s–t bout to go down but he supposed to pull him aside later and have a man to man to tell him about himself 😔.”

Others completely agreed with Ruks, saying they’re loyal to a fault.

“I tell my family and friends all the time “right, wrong, or indifferent I got your back. You swing I’m coming in with the follow up 💯🤷‍♂️.”

“Family over everything!! I will always have my love ones back 🗣.”

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