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50 Cent Fires Back After His Easter Post Gets Derailed by User Mentioning His Strained Relationship With Son Marquise

50 Cent took a break from sending Instagram shots at Ja Rule and
Teairra Marí and posted a positive Easter message on Sunday.

He also included a photo of himself holding his youngest boy Sire Jackson on his lap, but then got angry after someone brought up his eldest Marquise Jackson.

50 and Marquise have been on the outs with each other for quite some time. The G-Unit leader even threatened Marquise at one point, and the 21-year-old released a diss song towards his father in 2017 called “Different.”

“Happy holidays enjoy today man,” wrote 50 in the post. “Take sometime for things that are really important to you God bless. It’s Easter Sunday I know y’all clean for real at the church.”

One of his followers then brought up Marquise Jackson and blasted the “Candy Shop” artist for not having a solid relationship with him.

“Imagine how your first born feels seeing this smfh,” that person wrote. “Your a piece of sh– for real. Can’t even be a dad for the one that actually looks like you. Straight joke.”

Afterwards, 50 shot back and had a few choice words for his critic. He also told her that she’s completely in the dark about his personal life.

“F–k you b-tch,” he wrote. “You don’t know sh– about what you talking about. Everything was positive then you come with bullsh-t go suck a d–k.”

This wasn’t the first time 50 responded to someone who brought up his eldest.

In January of this year, on Instagram, he called Sire Jackson “a better version” of himself, but a lot of people asked him about his 21-year-old. One person also said the positive words about his youngest “Don’t mean sh–” if he can’t acknowledge his other son.

Under 50’s Easter post, other people brought up Marquise Jackson as well.

“She right tho,” someone wrote about the woman who blasted the rapper.  “You a fake n—- if you beefing with your first born. ja rule a better father than you.”

“He is a “selective father,” someone else commented.

But others stuck up for 50 and blamed his eldest for the strained relationship.

People also brought up Marquise Jackson posing in a photo with a young man named Kyle last year, who’s the son of Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, the former New York drug boss who beefed with 50.

“Ya’ll seem to not know his first born was in a picture with Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff’s Son. Kenneth conspired to murder 50 so I’d feel the same way,” someone wrote.

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