50 Cent Gets Roasted for Bragging About His Youngest Son but Beefing With Oldest: ‘That Picture Don’t Mean Sh–‘

50 Cent often likes to post photos of his youngest son Sire Jackson. Plus, he often gushes about how much he admires him and enjoys his personality. But when it comes to his other son, Marquise Jackson, Fif only talks about him negatively, and it’s something his fans recently brought up.

On Saturday, Jan. 19, the New York rapper shared a new photo of Sire and wrote about how proud he is of him.

50 Cent got blasted for posting a photo of his youngest son while still fighting with his oldest son Marquise Jackson.


“You know this is my main man, Sire,” wrote Fif. “He is a better version of me.”

There were plenty of comments about the boy being “handsome” and how big he’s gotten, but others brought up Marquise. Some gave 50 some friendly advice about patching things up with the 21-year-old, while others blasted him for not doing so already.

“That picture don’t mean sh– without the other son, clown,” someone wrote.

“What about your other son?” wrote another.

“Until he gets older and out of pocket and you cut him off too,” a third person predicted about Sire. “Sh– is sad, man. We only get one shot on this earth and at the end of the day, our kids are our legacy to nourish, by any means necessary. Praying that you two find a way to come together and iron out your differences because life is too short.”

But some came to the G-Unit boss’ defense and said he took care of Marquise when he was little, so he doesn’t deserve the backlash over their strained relationship.

“You must not be a real fan, ’cause he even set up a million dollar fund for his kid,” someone wrote.

50 once acknowledged that he gave his son a lump sum of money, but there’s no confirmation that it was $1 million.

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