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Steve Harvey and Fans Brought to Tears After Emotional Tribute From Gospel Legend: ‘You Really Helping Me’

Duranice Pace of the Atlanta based gospel group The Anointed Pace Sisters had Steve Harvey in tears during a taping of his talk show “Steve.”

The clip was recently shared online, and it shows the oldest of the gospel sisters talking about overcoming personal struggle. Pace has faced much adversity throughout her life, including battling cancer and being sexually abused as a child.

Steve Harvey was brought to tears after gospel singer Duranice Pace stopped by his talk show. (Photo: Steve TV Show YouTube channel)

“I had thyroid cancer,” she told Harvey. “They gave me three years to live, and March 28 would be 11 years ago.”

She then explained to the day time host that it was her destiny to meet him.

“I didn’t know if I was going to be alive,” Pace explained, as water filled Harvey’s eyes. “God kept me alive to see you, sir and I’m just glad to be here. I can go to heaven now. It don’t take much for me.”

The 60-year-old then broke into song and delivered impromptu lyrics that communicated what Harvey meant to her.

“You helped me to live, sir,” she sang, which made the studio audience stand and cheer.

Towards the end of the clip, the 62-year-old said he was completely caught off guard by Pace, as well as her powerful singing and inspirational words.

“You come in here today, this is just a put me on segment,” he said. “Never heard about your story and said ‘Well, we’ll give her a chance,’ but I ain’t know you was going to come in here and do all this. Now you got me all jacked up.”

Pace then told Harvey he was special and began to sing again.

“He loves to let people smile / Make people laugh that ain’t laugh in years / Make you feel like living again / That’s Mr. Steve Harvey,” she sung.

Afterwards, the game show host and comedian summed up Pace’s visit with just a few words. “You think I’m helping you, but you really helping me.”

You can see the touching clip below.

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