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Kodak Black Responds To T.I. And Calls Tiny Ugly in New Diss Song ‘Expeditiously’

With all of the social media arguments whenever there’s a beef between rappers, some might find it refreshing that two artists actually dropped music to get at each other.

T.I. and Kodak Black are currently in the middle of a beef over Black shooting his shot at Lauren London just days after her longtime boyfriend and child’s father Nipsey Hussle was killed.

“Lauren London that’s baby, though,” said Black earlier this month. “She ’bout to be out here single. She fittin’ to be a whole widow out here. I’ll be the best man I can be for her. I’ll give her a whole year. She might need a whole year to be crying and sh– for [Nipsey.]”

Then on the same day, T.I. reprimanded Black on Instagram and told him that he’s “out of pocket” for his words and to fix things “expeditiously.” He also removed the Florida rapper from his trap music museum in Atlanta shortly afterward.

Then later, Black responded and said Tip was upset because he “wants first dibs” on London. And all of that resulted in the Grand Hustle boss previewing a diss track against Black last week.

It’s something the 21-year-old responded to on video and said T.I.’s “f–ggot-ass little sons” should’ve written the song.

Then on Monday night, Black came back even even harder with a diss song of his own called “Expeditiously,” where he also mentioned The Game, who called him out over his London comments as well.

“Willie said my name on the TV that boy a bold witness / On the news he T.I.P. me that boy got no feelings / Put the pole on lil buddy, they said The Game strippin’ / Old head ain’t hittin on nothin’ I say them boys kiddin,” rapped Black.

He also went at T.I.’s wife Tiny in the song.

“Tiny that b-tch ugly as hell / I don’t even want Piggy,” he spit.

After Black’s song made the Internet rounds, a lot of folks left comments on T.I.’s Instagram page.

“Come back Kodak just dissed you 😂😂,” someone alerted the veteran rapper.

Kodak got you out here looking real weak on something you started,” wrote someone else.

But others went at Black and all the people who co-signed his T.I. diss song.

“How was kodak right by calling his kids out of their name?” one person questioned. “He could have left that out. Plus he called Tiny (who bothers NOBODY!) out of her name! Only ones agree with his foolery must be on the same drugs he is clearly on.”

You can listen to Black’s song below.

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