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Fans Rip Into Kiely Williams After Meme Suggests Ex-Bandmate Naturi Naughton Lied About Food Tossing Incident

After Naturi Naughton discussed the KFC incident that ended her tenure in the girl group 3LW, ex-group member Kiely Williams made her feelings known by sharing a meme on her Instagram page.

Naughton explained how a food fight led her to ditch 3LW for good on her episode of TV One’s “Uncensored” that aired Sunday. Preview clips were released on Friday, April 12, however, and one detailed the encounter that was once only described as a rumor.

“I said I’m not the one who’s trying to kick me out the group,” Naughton said of the incident, which occurred as the women were in a Chevy Suburban, with Williams and fellow 3LW member Adrienne Houghton in one row and Naughton in a row alone behind them. “Don’t be mad that Wendy Williams or the news is out, because it’s true. And there were some names called, some profanities thrown, she turned around, Kiely, and threw the food — mash potatoes, chicken and whatever else was in there — in my face.”

Naughton said she was left stranded in a parking lot in Atlanta afterward as the other girls drove off in the SUV. In 2017, Houghton apologized for her involvement in the incident.

Presently, it seems Williams had a message for Naughton. On Instagram Friday, Williams posted a meme that read “Bitch Just Don’t” in the style of the Nike slogan, “Just Do It.”

Naturi Naughton

“Not today, Satan,” the ex-Cheetah Girls singer added in the caption.

Immediately, fans dug into Williams and took the “Power” actress’s side over the stay-at-home-mom’s.

“Y’all know damn well y’all bullied tht damn girl….. Ur actions are telling, cuz u pressed about it…”

“You’re just jealous because you never imagined she would have a better career than you . Now go take care of your household. @naturi4real booked and busy.”

“You dumb b—h don’t you [know] the one thing about them tables they always turn, you [thought] you was better than her 😂😂 but your a z lister while she making major moves..😂😂😂 and your light skin didn’t save you cause b—h you UGLY inside and out. With that lisp of yours 😂😂😂😂😍”

“B—h shut the f–k up and live your boring life!”

The post in question came the same day Williams made a video response to Naughton’s claims. In the since-deleted clip, Williams denied the food fight.

“So I’m over here being a mom,” she begins. “Literally bothering no one … And then I hear not only did I pie her in the face with chicken and mash potatoes, we left her on the side of the road. First of all, no, we didn’t.

“And second of all, why would you need to make up new lies? Williams continues. “Were the old ones not working anymore? I don’t see the point. I’m not in the entertainment industry anymore, I’m a mom. I’m over here. You are on a hit television show. Why do you need this?”

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