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The Notorious B.I.G.’s Son Launched His Own Blend Of Cannabis Strains To Help With Creativity

The Notorious B.I.G. certainly liked his weed, based on his lyrics and the many times he was seen toking up. Now his son CJ Wallace has developed a fondness for it, and he’s launched a mixture of strains.

Wallace and his company Think Big partnered with the growers Lowell Herb Co. and named the mix of strains “The Frank White Creative Blend,” after his late father’s rap moniker. Biggie borrowed the name from Christopher Walken’s character in the 1990 film “King of New York.”

The strains Wallace and his business partners chose for the blend are Orange Sherbet — Wallace’s personal favorite — Banjo, as well as Rattlesnake Sour Diesel, and all are sun-grown in California as opposed to being grown indoors. The blend comes in a pack of seven joints for $40.

During an interview with Forbes, the 22-year-old businessman said he became curious about cannabis when his mother Faith Evans and his stepfather Todd Russaw smoked in their home studio.

Wallace said the smell used to intrigue him and once he turned 16 the experimentation began. Wallace explained that marijuana helped him with “healing and creativity,” which he wants to pass on to others.

Then as Wallace got older, he learned of weed’s medical benefits. It happened when his younger brother Ryder, who has non-verbal autism, became calmer and less frustrated after using CBD products.

The entrepreneur also explained why he chose the name Frank White for the mixture of strains.

“When I first saw the film years ago, it was partly to understand why my dad took on Frank White as an alias,” he said.

“The film inspired the Frank White brand as being a connection between my dad and I and our love of cannabis, art and New York. My dad was regarded as the King of New York hip-hop, and this brand Frank White is the ultimate homage to him,” Wallace added.

To figure out what the Frank White package would be, in terms of an indica — which produces a body high — a sativa that gives cerebral effects or a hybrid of the two — Wallace said he found the perfect mix.

“Some of the strains made us more talkative or too sleepy, and with ‘The Frank White Creative Blend,’ we wanted something that made you feel both relaxed and energized, something that helps you be your most creative.”

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