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50 Cent Tries to Hijack Teairra Mari’s New Catch Phrase ‘I Ain’t Got It,’ But Singer Says She’s ‘9 Steps Ahead’ Of Him

50 Cent has shown examples of his creativity whether in song, film or business deals. But he’s also shown it in beefs whenever he’s going at somebody.

The G-Unit rapper is currently engaged in a back-and-forth with Teairra Marí over $30,618 she owes him. A judge ordered Mari to pay 50 that amount in legal fees after her revenge porn lawsuit against him was thrown out.

Last year 50 was accused of posting a photo of the singer with supposed ejaculate on her face, which came from a video that was posted by her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad.

Mari has repeatedly told 50 that he isn’t getting his money by using the phrase “I Ain’t Got It.”

In fact, she’s used it as a hashtag during her exchanges with the rapper, she’s posted it on a shirt and on Sunday, April 7, she dropped a song called “I Ain’t Got It,” which disses him.

“No, I ain’t got it, oh boy / I’m poppin’ I’m takin’ off like a rocket, for 30 thousand / That’s what y’all on / Y’all some lame ass n—–s,” she sung on the cut.

But now, Mari will have to find a new phrase to poke 50 with, because he trademarked “I Ain’t Got It” so she can’t use it. And that’s where that creativity in disputes comes in.

“Somebody forgot to trademark this, so I’ll just take it.🤔you little C-m 🗑. 🤨get the strap,” he wrote Thursday next to an image of a t-shirt. “Look, if she don’t take hers down, I’m gonna sue her.”

Afterward, 50’s fans had a lot to say underneath the post.

“Grimiest dude in the game right here,” someone wrote.

“Leave 50 alone he got time 😂,” another person suggested.

“Lmao he making sure she not making a dime from this situation,” a third person commented.

But Mari still doesn’t seem to be intimidated, because after 50’s post about the trademark she promoted the “I Ain’t Got It” single Friday on Instagram.

Mari also said new merchandise is coming with the phrase, including T-shirts. Plus, the singer implied that she’s already trademarked “I Ain’t Got It,” because she included the hashtag “#9Stepsaheadofyou.”

But 50 may have the last word on all this, because when the “I Ain’t Got It domain name is entered, it leads you to a page of G-Unit apparel.–/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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