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‘Love at First Petty Sight’: Fans Believe 50 Cent and Teairra Mari Beef Is Actually A Budding Romance

Teairra Mari and 50 Cent have been going at each other for several months now, but deep down do they actually like each other?

That’s a question that people are asking on social media after Mari released a song aimed at 50 called “I Ain’t Got It.” The singer has been writing that phrase on 50’s Instagram page, and she even wore a T-shirt bearing those words in response to his many taunts.

Mari sued the rapper in 2018 after he posted a screenshot of a sexually explicit video she was in. The picture came from a clip that was posted by Mari’s ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad after he allegedly went into her Instagram account and shared it.

But a judge threw out the suit in January and ordered Mari to pay $30,618 in 50’s legal fees. 50 has pretty much harassed the “Love & Hip-Hop:Hollywood” star for the money since then, and she’s been giving it right back to him with her own social media jabs.

Mari posted a snippet of the song to her Instagram page on Sunday, and in the caption wrote: “Hey @50cent hit me ASAP, I need you on this Feature..not dropping it till I get your verse I got you…But #IAintGotit 😘😛”

The lyrics pretty much relay the same thing Mari told 50 on Instagram: He isn’t getting his money, no matter what.

“No, I ain’t got it, oh boy / I’m poppin’ I’m takin’ off like a rocket, for 30 thousand / That’s what y’all on / Y’all some lame ass n—–s / I’m a Detroit b-tch / F–k these hatin’ ass h–s, tell ’em all get off my d–k / Time to go and do it, I’ma do it and that’s all / Can’t wait ’til I’m 50 just to go and ball / So what you wanna do? Come and bully who?” she sang.

50 responded to the song on Monday.

“The courts will get the message your sending with these antics you little c— dumpster,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Aww Curtis, Your ghostwriters must be off today. I expect more from you boo boo,” Mari responded.

But many didn’t believe there was animosity between the two, just a love connection.

“They’re def flirting,” someone wrote on Instagram.

“It’s love at first petty sight ❤️,” another person figured.

We watching a true love story unfold,” wrote a third person.

You can listen to a longer version of “I Ain’t Got It” below.

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