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T.I. Gives Witty Response to Person Who Claims He Only Has Two Good Songs, Drake Weighs In

T.I. has been known to give quick, cutting comebacks whenever someone has something negative to say. He’s also been known to put people in their place when he feels a violation has been committed.

He did it with Kodak Black after the Florida rapper said he’d give Lauren London a year before he shoots his shot at her, just days after her boyfriend Nipsey Hussle was killed.

Now Tip has responded to someone on Instagram Live who claimed he only had two good songs in his entire career. The Grand Hustle rapper was reportedly vacationing in Maui when the claim was made, and he gave a witty response.

“If 18 years later, two good songs get your ass out here with this kinda lifestyle, you better get you two good songs then, buddy,” said Tip while he was lounging in a swimming pool. “Can’t worry about the lies more than you worry about the truth. Never can do that.”

Then out of nowhere, Drake weighed in and said the social media user had it all wrong as far as the number of quality Tip songs there are.

“I think he meant two many good songs,” wrote the “Hotline Blinger” in the comments.

Other people also called that person’s claim ridiculous and many listed some of the T.I. songs they felt were extraordinary.

But regardless of what that detractor stated, Tip’s numbers and chart positions don’t lie.

Because he’s reached the No. 1 billboard position on four different occasions, first with “My Love,” his 2006 song with Justin Timberlake. Then twice in 2008 with “Live Your Life,” featuring Rihanna and the song “Whatever You Like.”

In 2009 Tip scored another chart-topper with “Dead and Gone” and did the same in 2013 with the Pharrell– and Robin Thicke-assisted “Blurred Lines.”

It doesn’t look like that social media user had anything to say after the rapper shut him down, however.

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