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Kevin Hart Talks Oscar Controversy, Says Being Negative is Cool Nowadays: ‘It’s Just The Times’

Kevin Hart stopped by “The Joe Rogan Experience” on Tuesday to discuss the backlash he received when old homophobic tweets of his resurfaced last year. It was during the same time he was supposed to host the 2019 Oscar Awards, which he never did.

“You look like a gay version of Chris Brown. Put a shirt on, f-g,” read one of the tweets, written in 2010.

Although Hart acknowledged the tweets were wrong, many felt he didn’t issue a big enough apology and some said the “Jumanji” star didn’t apologize at all.

Eventually, he stepped down from the Oscars, because he didn’t want to bring controversy to a night that’s supposed to be so celebratory.

Hart also talked about the backlash he received in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that made headlines, and now you can hear him address it in his new Netflix comedy special “Kevin Hart: Irresponsible.”

During his chat with Rogan, the 39-year-old didn’t only address the Oscar controversy, he talked about his problem with social media critics, especially those who seem preoccupied with negativity.

“People want to see the anger,” said Hart. “It’s just the times. That’s what’s cool now. What’s cool is being negative.”

“What do you have going on that you have the time to simply be that negative?” he asked. “And I don’t think people understand how valuable they can be if they use their time correctly.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Hart said if someone disagrees with a particular joke or brand of comedy they shouldn’t listen to that comedian or simply stop supporting that person. But instead, he said people want to end one’s career, which truly baffles him.

“I think it’s easier to just say ‘I’m not a fan. That comedy isn’t for me,'” said the “Ride Along” actor.

“‘You know what? I don’t like the taste of this particular comedian, so I’m not going to support or watch that comedian,'” he added. “‘I’m going to find another comedian that’s more to my liking’ … I want us to get back to understand that you just don’t have to support it. That’s it.”

“Kevin Hart: Irresponsible” premiered on Netflix Tuesday, April 9, and you can see his new interview below.

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