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‘Set Up for What?’: Fans Aren’t Buying Nene Leakes’ Claim that Cynthia Bailey was Trying to Stab Her in the Back

Nene Leakes is clear she and Cynthia Bailey are no longer friends, and she’s explaining how she believes her ex-pal set her up by inviting Kenya Moore to an event.

Bailey hosted a party celebrating the launch of her Seagram’s Escapes beverage in October 2018, and the event aired on the season 11 finale of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on March 31.

Although Bailey has maintained she didn’t know for certain that Moore was coming, a call between her and Kandi Burruss indicated the two were in cahoots to invite Moore.

“I just want to make sure we was on the same page setting up how Kenya got there,” Bailey is heard telling Burruss on the phone after the singer said she was mic’d.

Speaking on the matter to E!’s “Daily Pop” April 8, Leakes said she pushed producers to include that call in the finale.

“The reason they caught that clip on Cynthia and Kandi is ’cause I pressed them to do it,” she says. “They woulda never done it. Have you ever seen a finale that ended that way? Never! … I called all the way to New York to the executives and spoke to them and said, ‘Listen, this girl is stabbing me behind my back and I want you guys to catch it.’ And when that happened at that finale I said to them, ‘Please let me do a sitdown with her, please.’ And when we did the sitdown, that’s when they caught it.”

The sitdown saw Burruss, Bailey, Leakes and Tanya Sam hashing out what occurred at the party.

“Everything that happened at that party, she set me up,” Leakes says. She also affirmed that she doesn’t “see any future” as a friend of Bailey’s.

Several fans have agreed that Bailey was dishonest about her knowledge concerning Moore’s arrival to her party.

“Why lie… I really don’t get it everything is recorded.”

“@officialbrandonawhite then let @cynthiabailey10 own it that she lied…instead of pretending to be innocent.”

“Yes Cynthia lied but only wanted her 2 friends to be present to support her and that was the only way she thought possible. No bad motive.”

However, many were left puzzled about the notion that it was a setup for Leakes.

“@iam_msmarieh set up for what? To get jumped, robbed, upstaged? No… Kenya ignored her ass! That’s all.”

“@2clg pardon me asking but who is she that they want to set her up. She said with her own mouth that she had no issue with Kenya so what’s there to set up. She needs to eat some humble pie and take a chill pill cause this ain’t working in her favour anymore…. her crown or supposed crown has fallen.”

“I still don’t see how your paranoid as was set up! So what Kenya came????!!!!! Your mad that she totally ignored you! Stop it already it was her event! Not a small dinner party. You should have just ignored her as well and been a lady…”
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