Claudia Jordan Told to ‘Have Some Class’ After Pregnancy April Fools’ Day Joke Doesn’t Land with Followers

Model and radio host Claudia Jordan’s April Fools’ Day joke was no laughing matter to many on social media.

The one-time Bravolebrity uploaded a photo to her Instagram page Monday, April 1 hugging her belly with her hands and gazing at the camera.

“It’s never too late for miracles…❤️👼🏽” she captioned the photo set.

claudia jordan

A “pregnant” Claudia Jordan.(Photo: @claudiajordan/Instagram)

The caption indicated the star was pregnant and many fans initially fell for it.

“Congratulations!! Yas!!💕😊”

“GO HEAD GIRL!!! CONGRATS!!! #awesome.”

However, some speculated it was a joke.

“Why I just know that it is lie🤣🤣🤣”

“She full! Play too much Claud.”

By the end of the day, Jordan came clean and admitted it was all a hoax. In a video uploaded to her Instagram page late Monday, she began by thanking her followers and friends for the well-wishes. Then, she dropped the bomb.

“What’s really unbelievable is I can’t believe y’all believed me!” she says. “I ain’t pregnant! I’m just fat. I’ve been drinking the Flat Tummy Tea, jogging, wrapping my waist trying to lose this Dallas fat.

“Look, it’s April Fools’, I just want to make people laugh and smile today,” she continues. “It’s been a rough weekend and I just wanna have a little fun with y’all. I’m sorry. I got y’all, though — y’all believed me!”

Afterward, Jordan spent some time sifting through her comments section on the original post explaining herself and telling folks that fell for the prank — including Lil Kim — that it wasn’t real.

claudia jordan

Several folks weighed in before and after the reveal dismissing Jordan’s actions. The joke hit home since many women struggle with fertility issues — including Jordan’s former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Kenya Moore, who had IVF treatments to conceive her baby girl. Moore’s comment even got an Instagram user to reconsider

“This better not be for April fools that would just be cruel 🤔” Moore wrote before others shared their issues with the pic.

claudia jordan

“Being pregnant is hard some lose their babies before it’s even born. Pregnancy is no joke and your joke was disgusting…”

“And ruined a ton of peoples days. Yay you! Selfish.”

“😡 These dumb jokes are inconsiderate. Too many women struggle with infertility.
Have some class. If you want to pull April Fools jokes put Saran Wrap over the toilet or across a door frame or around your best friends car. Don’t joke about this.”

After being told to “find a hobby” by one person who took issue with the prank, Jordan fired back.

“@_qu33nbri oh that’s my fault? What else is my fault?” she said. “Am I to NOT post food pics cause someone is out there starving? Can’t post my crib cause there are homeless people out there? Can’t post shit without me of you people reaching. Don’t like my humor and heart/ don’t follow or watch me or comment on me. Simple s—!”

claudia jordan


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