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Gregg Leakes Warns Fans About Somone Who ‘Plays the Plot’ on ‘RHOA’ Finale

Gregg Leakes is teasing that some major plot details will be revealed on the season 11 finale of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Sunday night.

Leakes, who has been battling colon cancer in front of Bravo cameras, said on Instagram March 27 that fans should be sure not to miss the final moments of the newest season of “RHOA.”

“America, plan your play – then play your plan. This works..But when you plan your Plot – then try to play the Plot – it is assured to back fire every time, and this is exactly what happened….Plots will always end up being revealed…Stay tuned for the Big Plot Reveal.. Check out Sunday’s finale of RHOA.. The cancer is REAL America. Nothing to do with that,” he mysteriously captioned a selfie on Instagram Wednesday.

gregg leakes

Gregg Leakes teased the “RHOA” finale is a must-see. (Photo: @greggleakes/Instagram)

Essentially, Leakes indicated someone plotted on his wife, Nene Leakes and it ended up backfiring. An “RHOA” Instagram fan page broke it down further for a confused follower.

“@_carlostabon He’s referring to someone in particular. One of the ladies I spoke to spilled all the tea and this post is referring to what happened at Cynthia’s party. Just wait until Sunday…,” the account manager said.

gregg leakes

If that’s still not clear enough, Leakes herself has gone on to blast former pal Cynthia Bailey after the cast filmed the reunion earlier this month. Bailey invited Kenya Moore to the launch party for her Seagram’s Escapes beverage. Being unsure about whether Moore would actually arrive, Bailey did not inform Nene that the former peach holder might show up.

“You gon’ have to watch the finale to see what it is that she does,” Nene said on Instagram Live March 12. “Cynthia’s done a lot of stuff, in my opinion, on the down low [that] is very sneaky and underhanded. I’m just telling you the truth. … She has done a lot of stuff that you all just don’t get to see on the show that’s just, like, underhanded, and then I always come out looking like the bad guy. But she’s done a lot of f—ed up stuff.”

As for how fans feel about Gregg’s message, some felt Nene was the one behind it, and others remarked on his getting involved in women’s business like Nene got onto Peter Thomas about seasons earlier.

“Chile. Here Nene go again TROLLING under Greg ‘s IG 😩”

“Greg blink twice if Nene didn’t make you type that.”

“Now Nene Hated When Peter Got In Women Business But Gregg Can?”

“Sir, stay out of grown women business. Greg!!! Ain’t nothing worst than a man with female traits 🙄.”


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