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Nene Leakes’ Instagram Post About ‘Fake’ People Gets Detailed After Peter Thomas Offers His Two Cents

An Instagram post that Nene Leakes cautioned fans was not meant for anyone in particular resulted in lots of chatter stemming from an unexpected party: Peter Thomas.

Leakes uploaded one of her famous pink flyers about fake people to her Instagram account Wednesday, March 20.

It read, “Some people are real. Some people are good. Some people are fake and some people are real good at being fake.”

The star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” added her own commentary in the caption saying, “I just haven’t learned how to be fake yet but it’s a skill that is necessary i see! It really gets a lot of people where their trying to go 🤷🏽‍♀️ PS: this is JUST a pink flyer with a quote! Don’t read too much into it. Just for shits & giggles (You know it’s a shame when u gotta start explaining your post on your own social media page these days) 🙄”

The post spurred chatter anyway about who among Leakes’ co-stars she could be referring to. Namely, Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss who were among those she unfollowed on Instagram. Leakes openly took issue with Bailey inviting Kenya Moore to a party, and Burruss has been publicly making it clear that she doesn’t care about being unfollowed by Leakes.

“Well you recently just called Cynthia fake. Why wouldn’t someone read into it?” a fan said.

“Like Cynthia, Kandi and whoever! Here the thing Nene, you said God Doesn’t like ugly…” another commented.

But things took a turn when Leakes’ pal Thomas spoke up in support of Leakes’ stance.

“@neneleakes nothing is fake about you babe, ❤️ you and your husband, stay on TOP,” he commented

nene leakes

Fans promptly went after the Charlotte, North Carolina-based club and restaurant owner for poking his nose in women’s business much as he did on “RHOA” years earlier.

“Here come Petrina in women’s business again ..I guess dem checks cleared.”

“@peterthomasrhoa stop being into women’s business.”

“@peterthomasrhoa there you go again, getting mixed up in female drama 🙄”

Doing that is exactly what put Thomas on the outs with Leakes when he got involved in a tiff during “RHOA” season 6 when the women and their husbands attended a sleepover she hosted.

Thomas stepped up to voice his opinion on a clash that had occurred at a masquerade ball. As he made his thoughts known, Leakes got fed up and famously told him to “stay out of women business” and “stop trying to be a damn b—-.”

When asked about Thomas’ penchant for getting involved in the ladies’ matters in December 2018, however, Burruss said on “Watch What Happens Live” that she didn’t think he was a messy husband to then-wife Bailey.

“I feel like Peter was just very opinionated,” Burruss said. “But a lot of the fans don’t like it when the husbands have an opinion for whatever reason. It’s like, you say you don’t like it but then you talk about the show more, you talk about us more.”

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