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Story Full of Holes: ‘LHHATL’ Fans Not Buying Mimi Faust’s Account of Being Shot at by Home Intruder

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta‘s” season 8 premiere kicked off with a bang this week.

Folks finally learned the truth about the shooting that evidently happened at Mimi Faust‘s Atlanta-area home. After the show’s trailer debuted a clip of the reality star’s 911 call with dispatch about a home intruder with a gun, people were eager to know what really happened and if the 47-year-old was shot.

Well, during the season premiere that aired on March 25, fans learned that Faust was not shot, but was supposedly shot at. Her entire 911 call with dispatch was released, and the co-star was heard asking for a police officer after saying an assailant was in her “garage” and fired a gun at her.

Mimi Faust

LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 28: Mimi Faust attends the 2015 BET awards on June 28, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Prince Williams/FilmMagic)

In the episode, she discussed the incident with her cast mates Rasheeda Frost, Erica Dixon and Karlie Redd. She said she was taking out the trash at night when she noticed a man sitting inside her car in her garage.

“He spots me, ducks down, shuts the car door, takes a few steps and shoots at me,” she said. ” I froze, ya’ll.”

Faust then showed her co-stars a picture of what was purportedly a bullet hole in the roof of her car. She said over 13 patrol vehicles arrived to what VH1 called her “Park County” neighborhood — there is no Park County in Georgia — and canvassed the area with K9 units. She said the incident took a toll on her and Stevie J.‘s 9-year-old daughter, although the child is “resilient.”

Despite Faust offering what was presented as proof that a shooting did take place at her home, folks still weren’t buying her story. Fans were curious about why there appear to be no news reports of the incident at the time. Faust and other apparent sources have failed to offer a motive behind the alleged attack, inciting more suspicion among fans.

“Y’all think Mimi lying about getting shot at 🤔? S–t seem kinda fishy she better not be pulling a Jessie Smollet even her daughter don’t look serious about it. Also why we ain’t hear about it?”

“Mimi got her daughter lying about that fake shooting 🙄 #LHHATL.”

“Mimi please shut ya lying ass up you did not get shot at. If so it would’ve been on Fox or Cnn.”

“LIES! They don’t even believe Mimi. Erica’s reaction is me when someone is telling a story. Erica Dixon- ‘You forreal?’ she know damn well Mimi lying 🤣.”

Apparently no news reports have surfaced about Faust’s alleged incident as of March 26.

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