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Fans Wish Quad Webb-Lunceford a Speedy Recovery as They Hope for Her Return to ‘Sister Circle’ Soon

Quad Webb-Lunceford continues to be on the mend following surgery to remove uterine fibroids earlier this month. And while fans are wishing her a swift recovery, they’re also eager for her to come back to hosting “Sister Circle.”

The “Married to Medicine” star on Monday posted a video thanking her pal Cristina Crown Jones for sending over a bouquet she arranged herself.

“Girl, you really outdone yourself!” Webb-Lunceford exclaimed on March 18 in an Instagram video of the colorful arrangement. “You might as well be a baby Martha Stewart, honey! You made this flower arrangement. It is so, so, so, so pretty! And I love all the beautiful colors. So gorgeous. And the vase! I love the frosted vase.”

Jones chimed in to accept her props, commenting, “Aw I love you!!!💕🤗 Lil Martha Stewart over here!!🤣 Hope you’re feeling better & better every day!! You are so loved!! Xo❤️”

Fans showered Miss Quad with an equal amount of love.

“Beautiful flowers, hope ur feeling much better Ms Quad💖💖💖”

“Hope your feeling better!!”

But they were also ready for her to return to her spot on the TV One daytime talk show, and they had no issues making that known.

“Get well Ms.Quad, miss you on Sister Circle…..Hurry up back please lol!!”

“I miss seeing u on Sister Circle. Get well soon.”

“Miss you @absolutelyquad on sister circle in all you do.”

“Take care of u Ms Quad get back on set soon miss u but rather u be your best self So take as much time off as u must🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 your strength ❤💋@absolutelyquad.”

The reality star has been sitting out the show ever since she emotionally announced over two weeks ago that she’d be getting her fibroids removed. She disclosed that an ultrasound revealed seven fibroids but noted doctors warned her that there could be “tons more” once she’s on the operating table.

“I had watched my body change over a period of time and I ignored it,” she explained, crediting her co-host Rashan Ali for pushing her to go seek treatment. “And Rashan, you just stayed on me. You were like a little gnat. I was like ‘Get away!’ You stayed on me. And with that love that you gave me I want to thank you so much because you led me to going to the doctor, and I have now been diagnosed with fibroids.”

Since then, Miss Quad has been keeping up with fans by sharing the many cards, bouquets and well-wishes she’s gotten from fans and loved ones hoping she’s on the mend.

“I’ll have you to know the doll is recovering, she’s in great spirits and overjoyed by the love you’ve shown 💋” she wrote in a March 10 Instagram post, speaking about herself in third person.



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