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Quad Webb-Lunceford Announces She’ll Step Away from ‘Sister Circle’ to Handle Personal Matter

Quad Webb-Lunceford will be taking a hiatus from her daytime talk show “Sister Circle” in the coming weeks to remove uterine fibroids.

The announcement came on Tuesday, March 5, and making the revelation was an emotional moment for the “Married to Medicine” star.

Explaining to viewers that she wanted to announce it on-air “so there’s no assumptions being made and there’s no crazy things out on the Internet,” she said she has “some health issues that I really need to address.”

As for what pushed her to get to a doctor and see what was going on, Webb-Lunceford credited her co-host Rashan Ali with continuing to stay in her ear.

“I had watched my body change over a period of time and I ignored it,” she says. “And Rashan, you just stayed on me. You were like a little gnat. I was like ‘Get away!’ You stayed on me. And with that love that you gave me I want to thank you so much because you led me to going to the doctor, and I have now been diagnosed with fibroids.”

Continuing to fight tears, Webb-Lunceford explained doctors discovered seven fibroids alone on the ultrasound. However, they cautioned her “there may be tons more once they get deeper into the surgery.”

As a result of her finding the best procedure to undergo, the reality star sat out the remainder of the week on “Sister Circle.” She said she’ll remain absent for “a number of weeks.”

Since Miss Quad went public about her diagnosis, which most often affects Black women, fans have been coming out in droves to offer encouragement.

“Praying for a speedy recovery🙏🏾🙏🏾”

“Ms. Quad it’s going to be alright because your spiritual doctor will be on board..God🙌🏾 and all is well..praying and fast healing❤️”

“Good luck Quad, during this new medical challenge you’re facing.. God bless & keep you 🙏🏽❤️”

“Praying for your complete healing Ms Quad @absolutelyquad so glad you decided to stop ignoring your body. Thanks for sharing it inspired me to go get a check up, I’ve also noticed changes in my body over the years but just been ignoring it. God bless 🙏🏽”

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