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T.I. Blasted for Apparently Wearing a Gucci Shirt in Birthday Post to Son Domani: ‘The Boycott Is Over?’

Welp, it looks like rapper T.I. is in a bit of trouble with fans after posting a photo of himself apparently wearing Gucci.

Earlier in February, the “King” called for a boycott against the Italian designer brand after it was accused of using a blackface motif for one design. So when the rapper was seemingly spotted donning a shirt from the label, fans were dismayed.

T.I. took to Instagram on March 17 with a post wishing his son Domani Harris a happy 18th birthday.

“I can’t say enough how proud I am of the man you’re becoming @domaniharris1,” the musician wrote on his page along with a photo of he and Domani.

“You’ve accepted all the challenges the universe put in front of you (well…except football 🤣😂😉)& made the adjustments necessary that grew you all the way here to this moment… That’s Fye🔥! Pipe Up and Go Claim what’s rightfully yours out there!!! Wit you for LIFE!!!! Happy Birthday My Boi!!! #GameWePlay #OUTNOW.”


T.I. and Domani Harris (@troubleman/Instagram)

The “Troubleman” artist received a shower of birthday wishes from fans to his son.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOMANI❤🎂! TI you are also father, God Bless you and your family.”

“Happy birthday @domaniharris little Tip! He’s come a long way since Green Faces 😂!”

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEPHEW 🎂🎈 Now this the son that has bars. Watch his glow up!”

However, T.I.’s birthday post to his teenager derailed after others noticed he seemed to be sporting a Gucci shirt in the photo of him and his son.

“Is that a Gucci Polo💩? @troubleman31 I thought you was boycotting Gucci?”

“I see we’re no longer boycotting gucci huh?”

” Is that Gucci you got on? So we can wear Gucci now ? The boycott is over?”

“That’s a Gucci shirt @troubleman31 has on!! SMFH 😡!”

The shirt the Atlanta native is wearing resembles Gucci’s “Cotton Polo with Bee” shirt.


Screenshot taken from (Gucci Polo)

Supporters defended T.I. against critics, claiming the photo of the artist ostensibly wearing the Italian brand was from “years ago” and an “old picture.” The image doesn’t have a timestamp and could have possibly been taken before Tip began inciting the Gucci boycott. However, as the post shows Domani’s dreadlocks to be very close to their current length, it is unlikely that the photo is years old.

He has yet to address the accusations.

In February, Gucci instantly pulled from stores a $890 black wool balaclava sweater with a red cut-out for the wearer’s mouth that featured bright red lips, evoking minstrel imagery. Social media users immediately deemed the garment “racist” and “offensive.”

The company apologized for its faux pas in a statement on Feb. 7, but it wasn’t well received by people, including T.I. himself.



“Y’all GOT US fu–ed UP!!! APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED. Our culture RUNS THIS S–T!” T.I. wrote on Instagram Friday, Feb. 8. “We (People of color) spend $1.25 TRILLION/year (but are the least respected and the least included)and if we stop buying ANYTHING they MUST correct any and ALL of our concerns.”

He also posted a “call to action”, urging supporters and fans to: “stop buying Gucci for 3 months.” He also blasted Prada and Moncleur for for their insensitive designs produced last year adding, “Ok…Y’all gon get this WORK as well !”

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