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Odell Beckham Jr. Tells Everyone To Leave Him Alone After Being Traded From the New York Giants to Cleveland

Odell Beckham Jr. is going dark.

Now, that doesn’t mean the NFL star is getting rid of his famous blond locks and going back to his natural color, it means that he’s taking a social media hiatus to do some soul-searching.

Odell Beckham Jr. posted and deleted a cryptic message shortly after he was traded by the New York Giants. (Photo: Getty Images, Dia Dipasupil)

It’s something he wrote Tuesday on Instagram in a now-deleted message, which probably wouldn’t be a big deal normally, but since he was traded last week from the New York Giants to the Cleveland Browns his post got a lot of attention.

“I love you all so much,” the message began. “For the ones that follow and support I thank u all for that. I’m takin an emotional, mental, physical/ blah blah blah vacation . I appreciate the love honestly but at this moment for the next couple of days I’m goin dark.”

Beckham’s message wasn’t just for his social media followers, it was also for those who know him personally, because he told them to leave him alone for a while.

“I won’t be around , phone is gone, with all due respect, please don’t text/ call / FaceTime unless it’s of the utmost importance,” he wrote. “I really need some time to vibe and just get away, process, reevaluate some of the things in my life, as much has changed for me recently.”

“I’m doin amazing thanks for askin!!!” the three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver continued. “Im really just tryin to get everything together and gather all my thoughts so I can take the next steps in my life to be the very very very best me moving forward. God bless u all and again thanks for the love and support, I will see u soon…. Always LUVVVVV.”

Beckham at first seemed shocked by the trade, then excited. He initially spoke with NFL Network reporter Kim Jones and called it “bittersweet.” He also said it “is what it is.”

The following day, however, he seemed to be optimistic and addressed the Browns’ dismal record over the years, since they’ve only won 11 games since 2015.

“Browns fans deserve a winning football team,” wrote Beckham in a team-issued press release a day after the trade. “This is a fresh start for me. … I will always appreciate the opportunity the Giants granted me and I’m thankful to them along with the fans and people in that city for supporting me.”

“The Browns are an organization that is moving forward and it’s exciting to be a part of something special that’s in the process of being built,” he added.

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