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Monica Brown’s 11-Year-old Son Lets Her Know He’s Not a Fan of Her Less-Than-Demure Pics With His ‘Auntie’ Tiny Harris

Monica Brown and her bestie Tiny Harris are hearing an earful from Brown’s middle school-aged son Romelo Hill, who doesn’t quite approve of their fashion choices.

The “Don’t Take It Personal” singer and Harris have been stunting on the ‘Gram with their sexy fashion posts lately, some seemingly more inviting than others. However, Brown’s 11-year-old son let it be known that he does not approve of his mother’s and “auntie’s” alluring social media pictures or posts.

The mother of three took to Instagram on March 15 with an image of herself and Harris showing a little skin in a photo they posed for together. Brown flossed her bare legs in a midi-dress, while Harris showed off her cleavage. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for the 11-year-old to troll their pages, urging them to hit “delete” on the photo.

Monica Brown

Monica Brown and Tiny Harris. (Photo: @monicabrown/Instagram)

Brown recorded a video of her son Hill and her nephew Dylan Mclean going through her Instagram feed with disapproving reactions on their face. Hill told his mother, “Y’all pics are not good!”

The “So Gone” singer replied, “Why ya’ll policing our pages?”

The 11-year-old then suggested his mother talk to Harris about having her “tatas” out in her Instagram avatar, saying, “You got talk to your friend, brah,” while shaking his head. He also told his mother to take down a photo of herself she posted last week that showed a little cleavage.

“Mom, you need to delete this picture! Look at this,” the 11-year-old exclaimed.

Monica Brown

Monica’s nephew Dylan Mclean (left) and her son Romelo Hill. (@monicabrown/Instagram)

“Mannnnnn @majorgirl they won’t let us be great!” Brown wrote in her Instagram caption, poking fun at her son and nephew. “I thought my sons were just my problem but check your DMs cause @romelohill is in them & you in trouble sis 🥴😂 & look at my nephew @dylan1mclean talking bout he didn’t like my pic!!! I’m sick of it!!#Trolls #AllInMyMix #ImGrownGrown #LetUsBeGreat #BoutToBlockThem 🤦🏾‍♀️.”

Fans were in stitches over the boys’ gut-wrenching and overprotective reactions to Brown and Harris’ seemingly thirst-trapping photos.

“Honey these kids are not playing with y’all 😂,” one fan commented. “🤣 He is so very serious ladies! Gotta love sons and nephews 😍.”

“Acting like y’all Daddy 😂!” another person wrote. “🤣Them boys don’t play about their mama clearly!! And they have rules for Auntie Tiny too. Ya’ll betta go sit down somewhere cause the boys checking for ya’ll!! Ya’ll ain’t grown!! 😂🤣👀.”

Someone else wrote, “These children I tell ya gurl😂 your son is very over protective lol. So cute. Him love his mommy ❤️!”

Brown and Harris appear to be in the midst of gearing up for season 2 of “T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle,” which is supposedly set to premiere later on this year. Production was initially halted due to the death of T.I.’s sister Precious Harris in February, according to Deadline, but the cast seems to have resumed filming.

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