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‘YAS for Kandi & Porsha!!’: Fans Delighted That ‘RHOA’ Co-Stars Are Still Bonding

Any doubts that Kandi Burruss was still on the outs with Porsha Williams have been quelled after last night’s “Watch What Happens Live.” Burruss confirmed she and Williams have continued to remain on the straight and narrow following their squabble over the pregnant star’s fiancé Dennis McKinley.

“I hope we’ll be doing great forever,” says “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star on the late-night Bravo talk show. “We have definitely worked on … getting things better between us, and so far so good, so I’m hoping it stays that way.”

Burruss first made amends with Williams during a Feb. 11 episode of “RHOA,” where  Williams unveiled to the cast that she was expecting her first child with McKinley.

“I feel pretty s—-y about some of the things I said about Dennis, especially listening to what you said,” Burruss told her co-star during their girls trip to Tokyo. “Obviously, those are some of the things that I had in my relationship as far as everybody had some s— to say in the beginning, but obviously Todd turned out to be amazing for me. So, it’s like no matter what happened before he got to me, it don’t matter because what he got with me is amazing. So with that, I apologize for all that I said, for real.”

Burruss was responsible for bringing the rumor to the group that McKinley had had a propensity for wining and dining his ex-girlfriends and getting their names tattooed on him as a way to profess his love. She also claimed one of her friends’ pals was still seeing McKinley while he started dating Williams.

The two making up during the Japan trip also seemed to hit a snag when Williams said during an “RHOA” after show she never got an explicit congratulatory text from Burruss about her pregnancy.

“Since she’s done interviews, I haven’t heard her say ‘congratulations’ one time, I haven’t heard her say she was happy for me one time, I haven’t gotten a text or nothing,” Williams said on the after show, which was filmed months ago.

But it seems all that is now in the past. The new leaf turned over between the former friendsturned-foes-turned friends again has fans delighted.

“YAS for Kandi & Porsha!! ❤”

“Great!! That means no drama between them at the reunion. I love Kandi & Porsha together. Side note. This is the best Kandi look 😍”

“So proud of my girls for moving forward 👏🏽.” Kandi response to that Nene question was perfect.”

“Here for Porsha and Kandi. FINALLY 😩👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽”

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