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Shaunie O’Neal Makes It Clear She and Tami Roman Are On Good Terms: ‘Ain’t No Beef’

After Shaunie O’Neal’s curious response to a fan a few days ago prompted speculation that she and Tami Roman are on the fritz, the “Basketball Wives” executive producer nipped that in the bud.

Things started after O’Neal uploaded a photo set to her Instagram account on March 14.

As fans’ collective excitement over the upcoming season builds, they have been sounding off in the comments section. One, however, hoped to never see O’Neal and Roman link up again.

“I hope that Tami never f– with you again,” one Instagram user wrote.

O’Neal laughed off the response by writing back, “Welp 🤣🤣🤣”

Tami Roman


The reply made some fans feel that the single mom of five was being snide toward her co-star, and they wanted the dirt on what happened.

“Yooo what did we miss.”

“Why would she say that tho? What I’m missing?”

“What’s going on?”

But nothing had transpired. It took a “Basketball Wives” fan account correcting fans about O’Neal’s intentions with the simple comment to quell the confusion.

“She didn’t say nothing bad guys😂 ‘welp’ is more like well keep hoping because we still friends🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️.”

And O’Neal affirmed the clarification was accurate.

“@thebbwtea you get it ❤️! I should’ve known better, it’s always more negative folks than positive. Ain’t no beef even though they want it so bad smh.”

shaunie o'neal

Others were also annoyed by the assumption that the co-stars had issues with  each other, including one who wrote, “Damn why y’all trying to make them have beef SMH I hope they still are friends smh.”

The comment prompted O’Neal to comment once more, writing, “@meminoaha girl misery loves company smh. It’s a whole lot of miserable ppl trolling the internet. @tamiroman and I don’t have any beef… my entire life is not on IG.”

O’Neal and Roman haven’t had any drama of late. But perhaps the past could explain the reason why fans think the pair could have easily been on the outs.

Last summer, Roman uploaded a post on Instagram that read “God will keep exposing the fake ones. Just don’t be blind to the signs.”

Further adding to chatter that O’Neal could be the person the post targeted was Roman’s caption.

“Keep track of the ones who say, never do…of the ones you check on, but never check on you…of the ones who you believe in, that don’t really believe in you…of the ones that ride the praise train when money’s involved…of the ones who smile in your face, but snarl behind your back…of the ones who talk to much, but always embellish…the list goes on and on! Watch the signs 💯,” she said.

At the time, Roman was working to get her diabetes in check and battled rampant weight loss as a result. Not long before the IG post, fans accused O’Neal of going against Roman in favor of  Evelyn Lozada — who insulted Roman’s weight before — in order to boost ratings.

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